A Spoonfull of Sugar Helps Reality Go Down

Did y’all know the Annenberg Public Policy Center found that people who watched Steven Colbert’s show, The Colbert Report, learned more campaign financing than people who watched “real” news?...more

My Anxiety is Like Fox News

As someone who is in no way an expert, I can't speak to all forms of anxiety because I know there are many. (That being said, if I was like Fox News, and it wasn't just my anxiety that is like Fox News, I would hardly let that stop me.) But in my case, anxiety is JUST like Fox News. ...more
I noticed you compared anxiety (aka panic attacks) and said they come out of nowhere, unlike ...more

Cry Me a River

I cannot bear it when people will not stand behind their convictions. Seriously, I have more respect for the Westborough Baptist Church than I do for some pussy-footer who quakes at the very thought of backing up his or her opinion. Shit, even if they ain’t got facts they can at least have irrational prejudice. They just need to OWN that irrational prejudice instead of pretending it is something it's not. I’ll still tear a strip off their ass, but I will at least see them as vertebrates and give them kudos for that....more

Desensitized to Violence

Man Commits Suicide Live on Fox...more

Let's Talk about Sex

If you know me at all, you know I bumble around a lot. Usually I emerge unscathed, but sometimes I do something completely embarrassing that forces me to take a look at myself and at all the feels I usually bury deep inside.This is one of those times.Not too long ago, my beautiful cousin, who is getting married to a wonderful man (well, I've not met him, but I trust her), posted this article on my Facebook feed....more

What Have "They" Done? (An Open Letter To Mr Jack in the Box)

NEW UPDATE/RESOLUTION added at the bottom of this post! WARNING- If you are opposed to angry and/or ranting posts, you might wanna read about one of my great recipes instead of this post.  ...more

J. Crew, Boys and Pink Nail Polish

You may have heard of the Fox News doctor/consultant who is taking issue with the current J. Crew catalog photo featuring the president of the company painting her son's toenails pink. THE HORROR! ...more

interesting. I do not vouch for its accuracy... people have told me for years that at one time ...more

My Thoughts On Tucson

In the wake of the tragedy in Tucson, America has been having conversations that are long over due.   Across new and old media outlets discussions about the rights and care of the mentally ill, gun rights and the “negative tone” of the political debate in the United States are taking place. It is the discussions about “negative tone” that have captured my attention the most.  Politicians and commentators have been calling for civility and unity.  Many wonderful speeches have been made that lead us to believe even our most strident politicians and commentators can...more

Since Loughner didn't haver a prayer rug...the Media refuses to call him a Terrorist

The tragic shootings in Tucson, Arizona have left our country shaken to the core. I sat glued to my television on Saturday afternoon, flipping channels as I soaked up the coverage. Representative Gabby Giffords was originally pronounced dead by several media outlets but she miraculously survived a gunshot to the head by gunman Jared Lee Loughner.  Representative Giffords was holding her regular “Congress on your Corner “  with her constituents at a Safeway grocery store. Six were killed and 13 wounded on Saturday. ...more