Eyez is Cooking With Dog

  No not Zoey.  I am not cooking with my dog. ...more

New York Fashion Week: Francis Night Out

Live from New York City, it's Fashion Week! ...more

He's also put together a floral Lite Brite fabric, too, which is adorable. They create all of ...more

La Planticella in Her Own Right

August 11 is the death anniversary of Clare of Assisi. A 13th century canonized saint in the Roman Catholic  Church, she was a follower of St. Francis of Assisi. ...more

Hot Goss From The Front Lines of BlogHer '08

BlogHer '08 is getting off to a bang! First, let me say, the ladies are looking fabulous! I have seen many hot summer fashions with many metallic accessories. Bronze is smoking hot right now! We are also being treated to the sight of ridiculously-high wedges that women are somehow impressively able to walk in, albeit not far (I love them!). Many women are also rocking the cool casual looks. Bronze is everywhere!  ...more

I will as soon as I get home! 

SJ also writes at I, ...more

Bawling in the Giant....

I don't think I've done that in 2 years, not since I worked through most of my major depression. Back then I used to cry for hours at a time and sometimes in public. Now it's more like minor/medium depression, manageable with no crying. But today was a special case. As you can see from my posts, the work week hasn't been hellish or anything but it's been difficult. I've had a lot of emotional, physical, and even spiritual energy drained by trying to learn all these new things and to excel. All that landed on my head today when I got sick. ...more