Zap Sun Damage and Freckles Off


Zap Sun Damage and Freckles Off

The weather has gotten cooler and it is getting darker earlier. Fall is upon us and this is the time of year I will roll out my favorite machine to fade freckles and brown spots.The Intense Pulse Light laser. IPL or sometimes referred to as photo-facials....more

A Childhood of Freckles and Scars

I'd run home sobbing a lot when I was a kid (well, until I started to turn around and fight, but that's a different story). If it wasn't my scars, it was my freckles. While I"m sure the mean mini-thugs in my little school would have found fodder in just about anything (brown hair! wooo-hoo, brown hair!), I know I made it easy for them. I was walking bait, all doused in freckles and with those nice meaty scars slicing around my face. ...more

..that's really what my Mom called freckles. "Honey, they just want some angel's kisses too!". ...more

A Veg A Day Keeps the Skin Doc Away

Everyone wants smooth, tender skin, but sometimes our body just won't comply with our wishes. With poor lifestyle habits, it's not uncommon for skin to have uneven pigmentation or look pale and dull. It must be emphasized again that using good facial products and treatments help to improve and maintain skin quality on the surface, but if your health is poor, the problems are just going to keep returning. The most effective way to improve your skin condition without compromising too much of your regular lifestyle is through eating more vegetables! ...more