Survivor Second Chance Recap: The First Cut is the Deepest Plus Fashion Giveaway

The Fall television season never starts for me until the premiere of Survivor and hip hip hooray IT.FINALLY.STARTED.  The season of Survivor Second Chance has begun and this is your Survivor Second Chance recap for every episode.  Ever since the season finale last May where we saw the selected “second chance” cast members board a bus to begin filming, I’ve been waiting for this day and it did not disappoint....more

Help Prevent Leg Cramps with Compression Sleeves + Giveaway

I'm having a giveaway for a free pair of CompressionSleek Calf Compression Sleeves! Head on over to enter to win! ...more

Top 10 blogger apps for 2015

I found out that a lot of us bloggers get stuck with the same 10 apps a lot of time, we have all our to-do's written in our journal and in our notes and that's why I decided to find 10 new, fresh and top apps for bloggers that we can use in 2015. I must admit, it wasn't easy, but some of them can easily replace the old ones with their design and ability. Well, that's it, let's find out what's best for us in the next year:...more

Ask And You MAY Receive

Confession time...I don't like paying full fright for any thing. If I can get a few things free or discount. Doesn't matter the size or the value.I have contact a few companies by e mail and ask for there product for free or discount coupon. I've ask for many items. Such as dish soap, car oil, tooth paste, sardines, flour, eggs, tooth brushes, yogurt, and etc. If you discover a new product and you might be interesting in trying it, Contact them an ask for an sample. Nothing wrong in asking for more then one....more

Free Printables

  Hey, Guys! I recently started making my own printables. Yay, right!? I just started doing them and while I think I have the hang of it a bit, I know there is a lot to improve on so feel free to share your tips and tricks with me and I will be sure to put them to good use. Have a suggestion for one? I'm all ears. ...more

10 Free Family Activities in St. Louis

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Free crochet knitting baby patterns

Time for some more free patterns!  Crochet and knitting baby/child patterns These have just been posted at And you can get all of the links and pattern information there!!   Enjoy, and happy crochet and knitting!!   ...more

*Free knit crochet patterns Sanderella's crochet blog

 Come see some very nice free patterns on my blog!!  All links and information there! Here are some collages of what is available ...more