Ceding Control or Just Letting Go (A Bit)

Lately I find myself noticing all the ways I'm ill-prepared for the next several years. I thought that the sleep-deprived years with irrational toddlers would be the worst for me, but I can see that older children are going to challenge me in ways for which I am wired for failure....more

Soapbox: Hot Cars and Free-Range Parenting

Making Choices On one weekend morning last winter while getting ready to head out for errand running and romping at an indoor play...more

Too Soon to Be Left Alone?

I make really stupid decisions sometimes. The problem with me (or perhaps an amazing attribute) is that I'm great at justification, rationalization and twisting an idea just so to fit what I need. ...more

I read about it so much, how we need to let our kids be... but it's not so simple. My kids are ...more

Why I Quit Everything

Last September, when my five-year-old started kindergarten, she also went to swimming lessons twice a week, gymnastics class once a week, music class on Saturday mornings and a weekly play group at the community growing center. ...more

You are so right! As a very busy working mother, with a four- and five-year-old, I have found ...more

Helicopters Landing: Overparenting Trend Taking a Turn?

Perhaps I have been team parenting too long! With our five kids and their six different sports, we are two worn-out parents!! Just this evening, as basketball season opened for my high school aged daughter, I, once again a designated team parent, was rushing...more

Oh, ...more