A Canadian rant and accolade to Charlie Hebdo

Currently fine-tuning a new post, but thought it would be worthwhile to share a couple of pieces of commentary on the Charlie Hebdo attack from a Canadian perspective.  I haven't had that many viewers of this blog so far since I launched it last summer, but I am amazed how broadly the international reach has been.  It occurred to me then, yesterday, that as much as what I will talk about here is mainstream material in Canada, they will likely get minimal to no exposure beyond our borders. ...more

Freedom of Speech

The United States of America, and our freedom of speech. Even blogging could count as free speech. The recent problems with the Sony people and the hacking they experienced, as well as some people's opposition to their new movie The Interview is unfortunate. We all have the right to an opinion in the US, whether it is a popular belief, an opposing view, or something that you or I personally would find objectionable. These are fundamental rights that were fought for. Personally I think that movies and movie topics could also be counted as free speech....more

You Can't Say That! (Part 1)

Each year the Intellectual Freedom of The American Library Association declares one week, "Banned Book Week."  This year it runs from September 21-27.  You may not think that such a thing is necessary here in the Land Of The Free, but the reality is that even in this day and age books as varied as Harry Potter to the Webster's-Miriam Dictionary face banning and censorship. Further, while very conservative religious groups often take the blame, the data shows that book banning happens in every state - both conservative, and liberal....more

"Duck Dynasty" Controversy Brought This To Mind

 You recognize that guy, right? No, not THAT guy on the right - the duck on the left is Uncle Scrooge McDuck in his role as "Ebeneezer Scrooge" from Disney's version of A Christmas Carol. This was when he threw open the windows to let his neighbors and his family into his heart, into his life after coming to realize that it was not too late....more

Blogging Advice: When Should Speech Be Limited on the Internet?

Where is the line between telling your story (and leaving it out there for people to use and apply the lessons to their own life) and giving advice as an expert? It's probably something you haven't given a lot of thought to as your write your blog, but you should, because there are sometimes laws governing licenses needed in order to give advice. ...more
This has been a huge issue for us. We have many friends affected by a rare skin disorder, ...more

A Bigger Discussion than Chick-Fil-A

All of this Chick-Fil-A controversy has left me in a bit of a pickle.  See, I love their food.  I mean, REALLY love their food.  So do my kids.  But I feel like a hypocrite if I stop eating it now. See, I had never heard of Chick-Fil-A and did not immediately jump on the bandwagon when they opened two stores in my area.  Quite frankly, I didn't (and still don't) get the whole cow "Eat Mor Chikin" promotional campaign....more

What I Learned About America from the Chik-fil-a Kerfluffle

I don't normally talk about current events or politics on this blog because I just don't. But this Chik-fil-a thing has gotten out of hand. It's a good example of how the adults in this country have devolved into spoiled little children....more

Social Media Rants: Free Speech or Harassment?

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right of all Americans. We are proud of the right and quick to reference it anytime someone questions what we write or say. But does the right to say whatever we want give us the right to be heard? How do we balance free speech against the right to be free of slander, defamation and harassment? Is there a difference between what we say to a friend in person vs. what we post on social media sites?...more
The judge had the right intention but not the correct one, harassment and freedom of speech are ...more

Judge Dismisses Twitter Stalking, Says Is "Protected Speech"

It's amazing how technology and electronics, and the role they play in our lives today, can be misunderstood and misconstrued. And here's a doozy, and an upsetting one at that: a federal judge has dismissed well-known Twitter cyberstalking case, citing that the Tweets were protected under free speech....more
Judge Titus is out of control and needs to be removed from the bench before his wacky decisions ...more