Is this what they meant?

     Fourth of July.  Fireworks, Apple Pie, Baseball these are the typical things that come to mind.  And of course remembering the incredible battle our nation forged some 230 years ago.  If you have not seen the John Adams documentary that HBO put out I strongly recommend it.  What was endured in those times so that you and I can sit in our lawn chairs and celebrate our nations birthday is almost unfathomable.      We as Americans hold tightly and proudly our Constitution and all the rights that it grants us.  F...more

Christians, Free Speech, and Apple Apps

Thursday I caught (quite by accident since I don't listen to "Christian" radio**) Chuck Colson's radio program "Break Point." He was ranting in his trademark way about Apple's recent decisions to pull the ...more

Testifying Fetuses and the Denial of Free Speech

I've written a lot about abortion and reproductive rights lately, but that's only because in their zeal to fix the economy, certain legislators have focused on curtailing abortion and reproductive rights since keeping women pregnant and in the home will open new jobs for men. I guess. Whatever the case is, the latest series of ludicrous bills seem to touch on the right to free speech. If you are a person who agrees that abortion should be illegal, you can say whatever you want, even if you are not a sentient being who can speak. However, those of us who feel that women should decide for themselves whether or not they will carry a pregnancy to term are increasingly being silenced. ...more
While you are absolutely entitled to your opinion and to your free speech on the issue of ...more

The 1st Amendment, Hate and Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church

By now, you probably recognize some of those hateful messages from Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church. In 2006, Phelps and his followers displayed those lovely signs and more while picketing the funeral of fallen Marine Matthew Snyder. Yesterday, ruling on the lawsuit against Phelps and his church filed in response, the Supreme Court upheld the church's right to protest in an 8-1 decision. ...more

Jehovah's Witnesses instigated court decisions in 1942 which involved cursing a police officer ...more

Where Do Our Constitutional Rights End?

Where does our right to free speech end today?  Natalie Munroe, a teacher in Pennsylvania, posted a blog over a year ago.  She and her friends commented on each other's lives.  Shared frustrations and triumphs.  Built a place where they could be themselves, speak freely, and exercise what most of us would consider our right to free speech.  And, if this had been weekly conversations over the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and a plate of cookies, we would never have known how Natalie felt about anything at all.  Which is exactly what most of us do, d...more

I don't see what the issue is here. Teachers like everyone else are entitled to their opinion. ...more

A Word About Assasinations

As one of the national figures in the Animal Welfare arena I feel that something must be said and some leadership shown in the wake of the Arizona massacre. Many of us feel passionate about our mission and believe that our cause is a righteous one. All of us work with factions with whom we disagree and of whose tactics we disapprove. Those of us who study history and the arcs of civil movements and revolutions would concede that there have been successful uses of civil disobedience and strong rhetoric....more

For the Love of Books: How and Why Books Get Challenged & Banned Part I

A Salve for the Soul Books soothe my soul....more

Feminists Fighting for WikiLeaks

Today's arrest of Julian Assange on rape charges is being framed by many people as a conflict between feminism and free speech. I support WikiLeaks and ALL the people who worked to create and maintain it, because it's important political work. I'm very concerned that once Assange enters the court system he will not be treated fairly. ...more

I think it's important to remember 2 things in the feminist/Wikileaks controversy: 1) that the ...more

Censorship, #AmazonFail, and the dark side of self-publishing

Remember Banned Books Week? It was a little over a month ago, and many of us defended the freedom of access to books, regardless of their content:“I'm very much in favor of the freedom to read what one chooses to read - and in order to make those choices well, one needs access to the full range of choices. I also believe in the freedom to choose not to read something. But I believe those rights belong to the individual and not to any institution (with an exception, perhaps, for parents of young children regarding what those children read in their own homes). I do not support censorship... “Having said that, I don't make a point of seeking out and reading banned or censored books just because they're banned...But I also know there are themes and topics that just don't appeal to me, and quality of writing notwithstanding, if I choose not to read a particular book, that will be the reason why.” ...more

Conundrum at Amazon

Originally posted at 11-11-2010I was going to take a break from blogging today.  Actually, I was going to be at work, starting early, and wasn't going to have time for blogging today, but my poor sitter is in the ER after having a bad reaction to a new medication, and so I'm here with my kids, praying that she recovers quickly (and not just for selfish reasons)....more