Is depression becoming inevitable?

It doesn't matter what you are doing as a parent, if you read enough studies you learn that you are parenting wrong. But it is easy to accept that you are wrong as a parent: You have, after all, a constant walking/talking reminder in your life that you are an unfair, mean person and that you are crushing all the joy out of life because you won't let someone play on his iPad and instead keep insisting that he brush his teeth. ...more

The importance of leisure

Another fantastic post this morning from Maria Popova on the importance of leisure....more

Relax, Mom

I was sitting in the living room reading a book. My son wandered downstairs and climbed into my lap. "You haven't checked on me in a while," he said. ...more

While Mom is away...

At least once a year, my Mom girlfriends and I rent a beach house together. It's in the off season, so the place we visit isn't crowded. We stay up late, sleep in, wear pajamas all day, eat yummy food and drink wine....more

To Do or Not To Do: That is the Question

Thirty-four hours.  That’s how long I had to myself.  Barney was away golfing. Jimbo and Mabel were at camp.  Thirty-four hours of quiet, me-time. I was nearly giddy with anticipation. How would I spend those 34 hours? When in doubt, I make a list.  Here was my list:...more

Scheduling some unstructured playtime

I have Mommy friends who have taken on a third job as chauffeurs. But they don't work for Uber. They work full-time jobs, take care of their families and then cart their children off to a variety of activities. They spend their evening hours away from their homes and behind the wheels of their cars. In the attempt to give our children lots of opportunities to learn instruments, play sports and learn conversational Mandarin, we have forgotten to give them time for unstructured play....more

Has our results driven culture abolished childhood

 Do kids play anymore? ...more

Feast or Famine

I’ve never understood why my calendar is such a mess.  Physically it’s a cute calendar, all hot pink and black (my favorite colors).  I’m talking about the schedule of things that fill my calendar.  It’s either feast or famine with my obligations and social events, with too much to do or nothing at all.  At least that’s the way it seems....more
Ugh, I hate being overbooked too!   Mostly though, your post made me laugh, and realize that I'm ...more

Why Does Using Daycare Give Me Guilt?

I am a mother. But I am also a woman, and a human. I have needs. And one of those needs is some quiet, alone time. So why does asking for it make me feel so guilty? I have no problem sending my children to day care while I am at work. I see this as a necessity. I happen to work a 4/10 shift, meaning I work ten hours a day, four days a week. I have Fridays off. We pay for daycare for the full week, but I rarely, if ever, send my children to daycare on Fridays. I feel it is my duty as a parent to never part from them....more
I work four days a week and after a couple of months started sending my toddler to daycare all ...more

To Spa or Not To Spa? Wait—How Is That A Question?

One of my girlfriends invited me to go away for a girls’ long weekend next spring. It would be a to a spa, approximately three hours away from our home town.  I was so excited to go, but my mom is making me feel guilty for leaving my 5-year-old-son. Should I go? ...more
@slappyintheface Can I come too! I will also bring a box of wine!more