Part II: Even Without Free Trial Offers The Scams For Acai Berry Continue

With the free trial offers for acai berry now under attack by the attorney generals of several states not to mention a huge lawsuit by Oprah and Dr. Oz, you might think that all those online promotions for acai berry supplements would now be on the up and up. One would think....more

Hi Elana, I'm Joe of JJSmith Group, Inc. We are the majority shareholder of ...more

Free Trial Offers Are Such A Great Concept. Too Bad They're Often A Scam

When you type in the phrase, "I wouldn't say I owe my life to Oprah...", you will come face to face with one of the many acai berry affiliate marketing  blogs from Jeanna, Jen, Amy or Carrie. Their stories are basically the same. They are married to a wonderful guy, they have young children and they had struggled with their weight for a long time....more