Free Essential Oil Ebook with 100+ Ways to Get Started with your Essential Oils!

      Come on over to my blog at and download your very own usage guide with over 100 ways you can begin utilizing essential oils for your family! Essential oils have changed our family's lives and I know you will enjoy them just as much as we do!     Download from here ...more

Attention NaBloPoMo Bloggers! Who would like a FREE PASS to BlogHer PRO '14?

I am one of the lucky winners of a free pass to BlogHer Pro '14 on December 3-4 in the Silicon Valley as part of BlogHer's 2014 November NaBloPoMo sweepstakes!Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend, so my free pass is up for grabs to the first person who can use it and would like to have it.Shoot me an email at with your name and your blog name. I will pass the information along to the BlogHer in charge of this and she will give you the information to use my pass....more

Launching Giveaways and New Features on Your Blog

After wrapping up a nearly two year long project blogging on environmental and poverty issues, I find myself missing it. So we've decided to launch a few new regular features on our regular blog - Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents - focusing on the intersection of sustainability & poverty in the lives of our community....more

Win Bella's Twilight wedding gown and a free honeymoon!

By now we have all see the gorgeous creation that Bella wore when she wed Edward in Twilight Breaking Dawn - Part I.  It was timeless, classic and vintage inspired, and brides to be all over the world want it to be theirs.  Now you can win a replica of Bella's gown, along with an incredible seven-night honeymoon.  Click here for more information. ...more
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A Cool Freebie!!

If you're anything like me...your camera is never to far from your hand.  And I worry about my computer crashing and losing all my photos.  Especially those from my wedding and pictures of the kids and grandkids.  But I've found a solution and it's 100% free!MiMedia is an online storage site that offers up to 7GB of free storage!  You can store photos, videos, music and more.  And access your multimedia from anywhere, whether on your own system or not!  Perfect for those who travel....more

Freebie: A Fresh February Calendar

A little fresh February calendar for your desktop wallpaper!  The freshness of grapefruit is waking me up this dreary morning!...more

Old El Paso Family Taco Night Giveaway

I am hosting a 'Tis The Season For Giving ~ Giveaways.The first giveaway is Old El Paso Family Taco Night.There are more giveaways coming! A new one will be up tomorrow. Good Luck! :)...more

Christmas Time Is Here

This week, the temperature dropped to 30 degrees, some days below that. Yikes! I still haven't even figured out where I'm buying a new winter coat (though I'm leaning towards this bad boy)! But, whether I like it or not, it's December, and that means less than a month until Christmas!...more

Valentine's Sweet and Sassy Giveaway

Just wanted to send out a general invite to stop by and enter to win a Sweet and Sassy Soap and lip butter giveaway over at Pamper yourself this Valentine's Day.....courtesy of Amy at