Feminism and Freedom of Speech

        Feminism has taught me so many things (see the post from 9/8/2016), one of which is that it is SO important to exercise your right to a free speech. Before we go any further, there's a line we need to draw. Freedom of speech means yes, you can technically express yourself however you want, but no, you should not be an a**hole....more

The General in the Battlefield

A few weeks ago;...more

Be Strong, Girl

Strong girls. We love them, we hate them, we are them. If we are them, then why do we struggle so much with our strength?I'll speak from my own perspective so as not to do this all-inclusive "we" that can be debilitating for other women who have their own struggles with strength. But I often find myself coming to the same crossroad: I give off the sense of a strong woman, and sometimes people forget that I still feel....more

Live free of judgement and comparison by others!

Free your self by embracing you with out judgment or comparison especially from others! Truly happy people who are filled with joy and love just let all the negativity go being free to be their best. Don't take in others negativity. If a person or people in your life is always criticizing you, correcting you, that isn't about you. Yes really it is about them, their insincerity. By focusing on pointing out your "deficiencies" they feel that they are drawing the attention away from what they perceive as their in antiquates. Deflection that is their game....more

In The Burn Zone

It's -28 C outside with 50 cm of snow but in the study, where I tap on the keyboard, the woodstove is in the burn zone, thawing out my brain....more

5 Tools That Will Force You to Write That Blog Post

This is how many of my blogging sessions go. I sit down with the intention to write a post responding to an article I read in the Atlantic. But first, I should probably check the bulletin boards I frequent to see if there are any new postings since 10 minutes ago. ...more
I want to thank you so much for sharing these tips.  I am pretty new to the blogging world.  I ...more


I’m not meant to be silent…...more


The gift of free time

I am always struck, every time I spend any time in the company of school kids, by how little initiative any of them have. And I'm talking good kids here. Middle class, socio-economically speaking (though some are more privileged than that), good stable families, living in a good city with all kinds of opportunities, attending what are considered good schools and doing well there.Everyone agrees they're great kids. But put them in an unstructured environment and they do not know what to do. Literally. They sit around waiting for you, the Adult in Charge, to tell them what to do....more

Helmets, Gravity, and Human Superiority.

 August 1st is International Helmet Awareness Day....more