My Family Found out I Blog About Sex

The problem with not discussing sex is that it makes us into islands, alone in the task of learning about sexual health, preventing pregnancy, understanding the nature of your desires, and how to enjoy these and our bodies in a healthy way in the context of our relationships. Talking about sex matters and doing it on a blog opens up the audience. But what happens when your family finds out? ...more
I so appreciate this post!  I make theater about sexuality, and this line resonated with me ...more

For the Love of Books: How and Why Books Get Challenged & Banned Part I

A Salve for the Soul Books soothe my soul....more

Sex and Censorship: What Recent Attacks on Online Sex Discussions Have to Do With Your Blog

Here's what is at stake: Recent censorship of online discussions of sex and pornography -- not the porn itself, but discussions -- isn't an issue of us versus them, morality versus indecency, conservatives versus liberals, believers versus atheists. This is a matter of freedom to speak, freedom to congregate, freedom to learn about ourselves and to share that knowledge. That's what this country stands for and it's essential that those of us who believe in these tenets take a stance against those seeking to oppress them. ...more

Your questioning the veracity of the statements put forth uncovered some very valid points, ...more

A Bloggers Anniversary

It was one year ago when I started blogging.My initial concern with my Esteem Rising blog was the exposure to so many people and how to maintain my professional image while dispensing personal opinions. Early on my friend and colleague mentioned about "finding your voice," as every blogger has their unique style represented in their posts. I'm not sure if I have found "my voice", I think so...though I can't quite put my finger on it.I do know that I have posted less material that would address my professional knowledge as it pertains to careers and concentrated mainly on interests. I admit sometimes I hold back in my posts. In my professional life I'm contemplative, I like to think before I speak. I have a vast amount of information but fall heavily back on my counselling skills to hear the story before providing counsel. My approach is supportive and non-judgmental and I truly assess what is in the best interest of my clients or students. My blogging and writing is at times all together different!...more