Gay Marriage Is Dividing Republicans

Marriage equality promises to be a forefront watershed issue for the Republican Party in the lead up to the 2016 Presidential Election. BlogHer Contributing Editor Erica Holloway spoke to GOP supporters of gay marriage to find out what's at stake....more
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Why Marriage? Or the Right to Marry?

Opponents to legalizing same-sex marriage often argue that marriage is rooted in religion. That it is intended for procreation and child rearing. Some fret about slippery slope scenarios if we were to legalize same-sex marriage. ...more

Happy Valentine's Day, Y'all

And so it's Valentine's Day, the third one Stacey and I have spent together, and the second one as wives. Yeah, yeah, I know: most states and the federal government don't recognize our union (although it definitely is legal: we married before I started to transition), but when has love ever respected laws? Remember when inter-racial marriages were illegal? I do. That was in my lifetime, children....more

And a happy Valentine's day to you as well, dear!more