If You Could Have Any Superpower, What Would It Be?

While I was driving to my friend's house for some much-needed girl time therapy yesterday, I saw a small plane overhead going in for a landing at the local airport. I couldn't help but feel longing for its ability to take off, sail through the air, and explore the clouds. I've always loved watching birds for the same reason. They have true freedom and don't need to follow any rules. They can take off and have their wings guide them wherever they want to go. I've always yearned for the ability to fly....more

What Does Freedom Really Stand For?

I AM A TRUE AMERICAN THROUGH AND THROUGH!! Cut me and I bleed red, white and blue!!...more

Let Freedom Ring...(on your cell phone)

Do you realize how lucky we are, I mean you have some kind of device whether it be a computer, a tablet or a phone with which to read this.  You have the luxury to read a blog!  I have the luxury to write one....more

How much is that doggie in the window?

I lived with a dog most of m...more

Evil Has no Power: Small Success Thursday

 My  week can be summed up best by an 8 word story, written in the tradition of Ernest Hemingway’s famous 6 word story. An 8 word story Impenetrable darkness imprisoned; brilliant flame of truth freed....more

Longing to Connect

I love being around kids. They remind me of what life is really all about. They are so raw about their needs and exploit their emotions freely. They reach out for human connection with no borders.It's freedom, or in other words, security. When they are not threatened with the possibility of opposition, rejection, harm or insults; what have they got to lose?...more

Forgive Yourself

Mike Robbins...more

I'm Nervous To Give My Child More Freedom

Dear Mouthy Housewives, Last Friday night, my husband and I took our 12-year-old son out for ice cream. We were waiting in line and suddenly, his face turned red and he bolted out of the store. We chased after him and, with tears in his eyes, he told us he saw a pack of classmates come in and he was embarrassed to be with us. He then said he feels like we treat him like a baby and he wants to be dropped off at the mall like the other kids. I'm not sure he's quite ready for this, but how do I know for sure? I don't want to be overprotective, either. ...more
I saw the title of your post and I read it completely twice. I have a 13 year old daughter who ...more

Clear the energy and make way for the Year of the Horse

Since last week I have been feeling achey and tired. Initially, I put this down to my new exercise regime taking its toll on my body. However, a few people I spoke to over the weekend, including those in other parts of the globe reported having the same feeling. For me, this was confirmation  that something was happening energetically. As we approach the New (super) Moon in Aquarius and, more poignantly, the Year of the Wood Horse there is a definite shift in energy. In order to prepare us for this our body and energy field are going through one final clear out....more