Are You Free?

Are you free?  It is the 4th of July weekend, time to celebrate our country's freedom and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We are privileged with more freedom than most people  in the world.   The question is, what do we do with our freedom?...more

Come on Let's Celebrate

I still remember...the pre-dusk picnic with all our favorite foods. I would explore with friends the nearby woods and anticipate what would happen after darkness descended. The warmth of the day continued into the night. Then the blankets would come out, we'd sit on the ground and the show would begin. It's Independence Day and the nation celebrates. The oohs and aahs became the words of the evening as the night lit up with the lights of fireworks....more

A Really Long Downhill Toward Freedom

Ben gave me a 20-week Fitness Challenge which will take us right through summer and hopefully become so habit forming that we never stop doing a little something every day that is good for us. Together, we have walked and ridden bikes and even tried a little running. We are building up our hearts and lungs with longer walks to get ready for even more running. We live in the country and have endless paths to walk or ride in every direction with lovely views all around. ...more


Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

The illusion of freedom

What if you lived in a world where you could do anything? Be anything? Have anything? Have any expecince Amy human being is capable of having? Even this girls only for these contestants I'm sire other wise why the hell not? See my world is full of steveness and I don't play by those limits on which mostly people live in and wrongly believe is real. None of it is its mapped in our heads that way but ultimately it's up to you to decide. When you can start to realize how much you can learn to make choices. You can start to wake up take ur power back and begin to wake up....more

Home Alone... At Last!

They are GONEshe says as she gives a little happy dance, trying to contain her giddyness until the truck drives away......more

If You Could Have Any Superpower, What Would It Be?

While I was driving to my friend's house for some much-needed girl time therapy yesterday, I saw a small plane overhead going in for a landing at the local airport. I couldn't help but feel longing for its ability to take off, sail through the air, and explore the clouds. I've always loved watching birds for the same reason. They have true freedom and don't need to follow any rules. They can take off and have their wings guide them wherever they want to go. I've always yearned for the ability to fly....more

What Does Freedom Really Stand For?

I AM A TRUE AMERICAN THROUGH AND THROUGH!! Cut me and I bleed red, white and blue!!...more

Let Freedom Ring...(on your cell phone)

Do you realize how lucky we are, I mean you have some kind of device whether it be a computer, a tablet or a phone with which to read this.  You have the luxury to read a blog!  I have the luxury to write one....more