New Year New Me

My first blog post! ...more

The freedom to just ask

Freedom. Feeling free is the last thing I experience right now. However determined to give freedom a go I have to keep going!No turning back to the padded cage for me, I have a Garden of Eden beckoning me.   We have done it!The house is for sale. We got the painter in and of course we signed up with a Real Estate agent. Now that it is all official, I have a hard time coping with not knowing how it all is going to pan out. ...more

On the Prowl or is Life Just Like That?

Being at home with the flu has caused my brain to go into overdrive and I feel the need to write. Who would have thunk it... I am 30, single and ready to move on with my life. I have joked that I would create a blog called, "On the Prowl... Adventures of a H*#NEY 30 Year Old" but really life is like that sometimes. I wander aimlessly through this life and wonder how things ended up as they did. I have recently learned that reconnecting with old friends doesn't neccessarily heal old wounds. In fact, after seeing an old friend he totally, utterly shafted me! ...more

Information Freedom for Children – My Testimony for Banned and Challenged Book Week

I use to be a child. Some say a curious child. No, that is understatement. I was a damn Class A question box. Most children pass through that intensive questioning stage of development. I was not one of them. That sucker attached itself to me and will not let me go without “the answer.”  It has been a blessing, a curse and a guaranteed path to adventure. ...more

There is a lot more to the story. I can say that I was fascinated. It was like looking at ...more

Why can't we indulge ourselves?

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about why it is so difficult for me to indulge myself, particularly my body. I wrote about an experience over a month ago on my blog,, and ever since, continue to struggle with the same theme. ...more

For two weeks I have lived without pasta, rice and potatoes. But that sugary stuff, I need my ...more

Something's Missing...

It's not my car keys...and my cell phone is right here...what is it? Oh yeah--my KIDS! ...more

My daughter goes to spend one night a week (overnight) with her father. I'm used to this in ...more

I wish

I did this. I could've stayed, and everyone would probably be the better for it. Everyone but me, and everyone in the here and now. But instead, I left. I left a marriage where I would tell him I felt invisible and he would mock me and laugh. I left a marriage where I drove myself to radiologist appointments and the emergency room because he didn't feel like it. I left a marriage where the only time he could be nice was when he was high or wanted some. ...more

 Hi everydayjill,

I feel for you! I am in the midst of a divorce. What I have found ...more

Freedom's just another word (on independence and ... dependence)

Happy Independence Day. In honor of the day, I've been thinking a lot about independence and dependence and how to have both in a relationship, in a life. I'm blogging about it here. I've curious what you think. ...more

BalanceBoost's Independence Issue on Wellness & Green Living

As the Founder of BalanceBoost Wellness & Green Social Network I invite you to read this week's issue of our Weekly Wellness & Green Guide featuring Blogs on Independence and Politics. Click here to read Our Independence Guide.  Here are the highlights: ...more

What Does Your Spiritual Reflection Look Like?

What Does Your Spiritual Reflection Look Like? ...more

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