Why can't we indulge ourselves?

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about why it is so difficult for me to indulge myself, particularly my body. I wrote about an experience over a month ago on my blog, http://specialktreatment.blogspot.com/, and ever since, continue to struggle with the same theme. ...more

For two weeks I have lived without pasta, rice and potatoes. But that sugary stuff, I need my ...more

Something's Missing...

It's not my car keys...and my cell phone is right here...what is it? Oh yeah--my KIDS! ...more

My daughter goes to spend one night a week (overnight) with her father. I'm used to this in ...more

I wish

I did this. I could've stayed, and everyone would probably be the better for it. Everyone but me, and everyone in the here and now. But instead, I left. I left a marriage where I would tell him I felt invisible and he would mock me and laugh. I left a marriage where I drove myself to radiologist appointments and the emergency room because he didn't feel like it. I left a marriage where the only time he could be nice was when he was high or wanted some. ...more

 Hi everydayjill,

I feel for you! I am in the midst of a divorce. What I have found ...more

Freedom's just another word (on independence and ... dependence)

Happy Independence Day. In honor of the day, I've been thinking a lot about independence and dependence and how to have both in a relationship, in a life. I'm blogging about it here. I've curious what you think. ...more

BalanceBoost's Independence Issue on Wellness & Green Living

As the Founder of BalanceBoost Wellness & Green Social Network I invite you to read this week's issue of our Weekly Wellness & Green Guide featuring Blogs on Independence and Politics. Click here to read Our Independence Guide.  Here are the highlights: ...more

What Does Your Spiritual Reflection Look Like?

What Does Your Spiritual Reflection Look Like? ...more

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Banning the "Hijab" at Educational Institutions

Banning the Muslim headscarf and other dress that conspicuously shows religious affiliation has presented considerable controversy in many nations of the Middle-East and West such as Turkey and France. In many of these countries, secularity is a great achievement and is considered to play a crucial role in social harmony and national cohesion. Banning the headscarf has therefore come to reaffirm the countries’ secular foundations. ...more

Retreat? Defeat? Victory? Excuse me?

I am going to try to keep this one short so bear with me.  Please remind this twenty something.  Did we or did we not announce victory in iraq in 2005?  This is one Hell of a march home if you ask me.  So, you go in there, drag out a despot, and lo and behold, W, it turns out that daddy was right about Iraq.  He knew quite well that doing a war like this would mea that the uS would essentially have to "Rule" Iraq once Saddam was removed.  So, you claim the Iraquis need to have a stable government before we leave, and yet you let them laze about in putting it together, making ...more

The point I was trying to make before I got sidetracked is that the republican mantra of ...more

Do what you like, the cash will follow

A colleague was recently moaning about how she needed to make more money. Her full-time gig wasn’t paying enough to keep up with her mounting bills. I suggested that she try her hand at freelance work, since she had available time in the evenings. She stared at me, blinked repeatedly, and then gave me a look as if I had snakes streaming out of my head. “What’s the matter?” I asked. I wondered had I offended her in some unmentionable way? ...more

LeadHership 2

Man, last night I had one of those, "is this really happening?" dreams. I was fleeing to like Hungary or Romania or something. It was so real - the fear, the hopelessness, the confusion, the displacement, the alienation. I had all my possessions in my car, but my two boys were in another car somewhere behind me. I had just crossed over into "safe" territory, but whether or not I'd be let in seemed to depend solely on the mood of the militia searching each person and car.... ...more