Victory or Death

There is a subdivision near my daughter’s school called ”Travis Country.”  We pass by the limestone sign every day, surrounded by verbenas and turk’s caps, shining brightly in the sun....more

Choice and the Freedom to Fail

In a lot of ways "choice" is synonymous with "freedom".  I suppose if there is any truth to that statement, "choice" must also mean a host of different things to different people. We all come from unique backgrounds with equally unique histories....more

The World is Rolling In At Our Feet

I officially retired four years ago as a speech-language pathologist in private practice...which, by the way, was an enjoyable and highly rewarding career. I'm back to work now, only one day per week, in order to keep abreast of things a bit, and continue my saga of traveling to those chosen far-and-away places on my bucket list. I've been lucky to be able to work a little when I want to as there has been a shortage of speech therapists nationwide for quite some time....more

Plethora of Pajamas in Public Places

A Louisiana parish, according to AP reports, is considering a ban on wearing pajamas in public.A parish commissioner, while visiting Walmart, saw young men in p.j.s, and apparently got a peek at some private parts one would associate more with Chippendales than with Walmart’s chips and salsa aisle.Starved for news on the lighter side, this story attracted my rapt attention and at least ten minutes of deep introspection....more
@ani-mal Interesting that apparently pajama wearing is popping up more in some areas of the ...more

Freedm Dinner

Trying to figure out what to have for dinner tonight with Red Sox Fan.  "What should we have for dins?"  "I don't know."  ...more

White, Woman Walking ...more

Volunteer Crewing 101

What are the three unavoidable expenses of travel?1) Transportation2) Accommodation3) FoodNow what if, in order to not pay the first two, you were forced to spend your days in tropical splendor visiting the remote places completely inaccessible to common travelers?  Places that see, maybe, 100 'outsiders' in a year?  These are simply not places you can get to any other way but on a small sailing yacht. You don’t have to use your own boat though, you can crew for other people....more
@victorias_view Definitely! We've only sailed with people we've met a few times, and we always ...more

A Bird's Song

A Bird's Song The free bird leaps...more
Thanks Karen! You Too!more

Budding Polar Bear members.

What would any homeschooler do if you lived by the beach,  it has been 50 degrees and all of sudden it was 80degress for the day? The beach of course! Well, I got to admit, we were the only ones out there besides a couple of men fishing. It was pretty pleasant. The boys swimming and chasing Winston....more

To Spa or Not To Spa? Wait—How Is That A Question?

One of my girlfriends invited me to go away for a girls’ long weekend next spring. It would be a to a spa, approximately three hours away from our home town.  I was so excited to go, but my mom is making me feel guilty for leaving my 5-year-old-son. Should I go? ...more
@slappyintheface Can I come too! I will also bring a box of wine!more