Yes, I'm Sure

This shit hurts.  The gas, bloating, sore incisions.  It hurts.  Trying to get comfortable to sleep, taking steps to the bathroom, putting clothes on.  It all hurts.  No this isn't the hurt of childbirth, but instead the exact opposite.  This is the pain from getting my tubes tied last week.  But, I would do it all over again because this hurt is accompanied by freedom.  Freedom to have sex with my husband without worrying about an "oops".  Freedom to know that in about 13 years I can set off on a trip around the world....more
@Jill Williams Palumbo Just do you and enjoy the unshared time you get to spend with your son.more

Technology Can Set You Free - Write Your Plans and Carry Them With You

It is terrific to know technology can set you free, so write down your plans and carry them with you. It is hard work developing a plan of action, to create a plan for how you will operate your business or your life. Creating a plan, especially if it is a SMART plan requires a lot of time, patience and attention to details. After going through all the work to create a plan and to get all the details just right, many plans still do not get accomplished....more

On Freedom

Here in the United States, tomorrow is Independence Day. The day on which we celebrate this country, built on the great principle of freedom.It’s an incredible thing.Now obviously, America’s Independence Day celebrates societal freedom. A state of being that inherently comes with certain limitations that enable the greatest freedom for the greatest number of people while maintaining relative safety and stability. So it’s self-contradictory to some degree, since this kind of freedom MUST have limits to function....more

How Many Deaths Before We Enforce Gun Control?

Two months have passed since the Newtown tragedy, and while most of us are able to continue our lives as usual after our initial shock, disbelief and horror, the parents of the 20 children killed that day cannot. The families of the teachers killed that day cannot. The health and law enforcement professionals who arrived on the scene cannot. The community of Newtown cannot....more
Lorraine, great article. I am in agreement with you, guns should only be in the hands of trained ...more

Matching Socks

Between my curious kids and the monster feasting on socks in my dryer, I do not ever seem to have a clean, matching pair of socks. Most days, a matching pair of socks is the least of my concern while my children are teaching each other how to twist off the milk cap and watch the epic splash on the floor. I suppose I could look at this as an opportunity to live more freely, not caring what people may think of me or my children and our wacky mis-matched socks....more

My One Thing

I am staring out my window at the storm pushing our trees back and forth, the rain is casting the scene in grey. With a snoring dog squished beside me in this comfy chair, it feels  sweet and peaceful. Beyond the sleeping puppy the only other sounds are the loud ticking of our wall clock and the wind forcing the trees to dance....more

Voting for my daughters' futures.....

I am behind in my NaBloPoMo........more

Freedom and Luxury and Self-Discipline

Before we watched the debates Monday night, we got to have a discussion at dinner about Self-Control. We were talking about how if we are able to control ourselves, no one needs to jump in and control us for us. This came, of course, after some rough-housing between the boys, and my husband having to step in and keep them from doing real damage at one point....more

The Thrills and Spills of Childhood

I was recently telling Zoe and her friend about my experiences in grade school PE class. The days of dodgeball, tall and scorching hot metal slides placed on top of concrete, football games using a tennis ball conducted on asphalt. There were no safety mats covered in recycled rubber tire shavings, no care if you tore a hole in your jeans for the third time in a week, no worries that you chipped four teeth crashing your face into the asphalt, no problem at all if you got your skull rattled by a line drive half-deflated dodge ball thrown by the biggest kid in fourth grade....more

All God's Creatures

Lk. 11:29-32  St. Francis wrote: If you have people who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have people who deal likewise with their fellow human beings.    - Francis of Assisi  and Simone Weil spoke of "arsenal of lies" that the ego arranges aroud it self. The way we treat animals, and creation translates into how we treat people.  When we catagorize we isolate and in the process we destroy life....more