Surviving College As A Writer

Just as soon as I was settling into my routine of NOT doing homework every night, fall semester tapped me on my back. As the emails come flooding in reminding me to secure my financial aid and make sure I am registered for classes, I realize that summer is basically over for me. Sure there is a month left, but we all know that month will be spent preparing and dreading the upcoming semester. Although I enjoy these breaks, they are almost cruel because they help me forget about writing papers and taking tests for 3 months....more

Making Ends Meet as a Freelance Writer

For those individuals who may be considering taking up freelance writing, there are a few very particular skills that you will likely need in order to survive. The days of starving artists are far from long gone, despite what some might think. It honestly does not matter if you are a writer, editor or even both. Freelance writing is a tremendously challenging industry. It requires constant hustle alongside networking, proper time management and project management in order to be a success or even to just squeeze by....more

Taking A Blogging Sabbatical!

I've always been an introvert of sorts. As a young girl I'd find solace in reading ,spending time with family and a small group of like-minded shy girls in the vicinity and on the school grounds. It was when I took English Lit in junior high, that my love for words evolved. I really appreciated the pain & angst of Shakespeare's Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet's undying devotion and searing young love that could not be denied....more

Blogging is Like Being A Personal Columnist

As a web content provider on many different websites, including Newsblaze, I find blogging or blogs are quite comparable to a columnist on a website. I have never thrived at writing third party articles, I find them impersonal. As I move blog to blog on the internet highway I find myself feeling like I am reading a personal magazine from the blogger. Some blog for personal freedom and expression and others blog for money. Since Wordpress does not allow ads of any sort, then I am limited and can not blog for any sort of income. ...more

Someplace Else-A Review

I'm lucky to have a venue to write of accomplishment in my aspiring career as a freelance writer/columnist. BlogHer has afforded all of us a wonderful spirit of connectedness for women who want to broaden their horizons in their lifestyle passions and purpose. So while I still have your attention, I'm going to tell you of a wonderful gift I'd been given by a remarkable filmmaker in Chicago, Illinois. ...more