What You Need To Know About Online Contracting

The promises of online contracting sites like Elance and oDesk are alluring. Clients will come to you. You will have a selection of assignments to choose from. Easy invoicing! Get paid!  But is it worth it? Are these online contracting sites the secret to landing more assignments? Writers say that they are good for filling in the budget gaps -- but they aren’t perfect. On the Inside ...more
Sarah - this is a great primer for how to succeed in online work.  On Elance, over 3k new jobs ...more

Holiday Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs

What do most entrepreneurs and self-employed business owners want for the holidays? Gifts that fall into two main categories: Something that helps them move their business forward, or something that makes their life more enjoyable. ...more
@Karen Ballum I truly want an excuse for the projector..  Yes the little post-it flags. I could ...more

Why You Need Systems and Procedures as an Entrepreneur

So you’ve started your business and your humming along.  You’re thrilled to be free of the restrictions and red tape of working for “The Machine”.  Yet if you truly want to be free, you need systems and procedures. “What?! You say. I don’t want to be bogged down by such things! That’s part of why I left corporate! ...more
This is a really great post to help business owners and bloggers stay organized while staying ...more

Are You Cut Out for Self-Employment?

Do you have what it takes to be self-employed?  It can look so easy from the outside looking in, but that is a total mirage because it barely provides a peek into what it really takes to run a successful business. ...more
Such great advice! I've been thinking about self-employment for a bit now and your series has ...more

Blog Roundup - How to Price Your Services

When you first strike out on your own, you're eager for your first client. I know I certainly was. Then inevitably the question hits - what should I charge for my services? When starting out, the tendency is to want to low-ball your prices because you might feel: ...more
Thanks for reading -- yes this is a prime example where we might think - oh but is $200 ...more

Freelancer, way to go

 Any contractors struggling to find work in the oil and gas industry?...more

How to Burn Out

More and more I hear from wildly talented, hard working people who are hitting the burn out wall. In case you feel behind the trend and want to catch up, here's my:...more

Bloggers Who Can Help You Go from Corporate to Solo

The transition from corporate to entrepreneur is a big leap of faith and making it successful requires support and knowledge on everything from sales to mindset. Where in the blogosphere can you turn for trustworthy advice, inspiration, and success stories from those who have walked the path before you? ...more

Hi Cora,
First, so very sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather. I lost my mother a ...more

Logos for Less: Do You Win or Lose When You Brand on the Cheap?

So you've started up your business and you're ready to brand yourself. Usually that process begins with a logo. Like most start-ups you likely have a limited budget to undertake the branding process. So what are your options? What are the trade-offs when you do it yourself or on the cheap? ...more

I think you're right. I've hired (and unfortunately fired) too many logo and web designers for ...more

10 Blogs to Help You Become and Thrive as a Freelancer

What does it take to make the leap to small business ownership? How can you thrive as a freelancer? Whether your gig as a solo entrepreneur is full or part-time, you need to learn to sell and you need to develop a new mindset and way of working than you do when you're sitting in a cubicle.  So, where do you start?  I say start with people who are already doing it and doing it well. ...more

Paula, these are such wonderful resources - thanks! I look forward to going through them. ...more