Dionne | Deon by Freely Speaking: The Baby, The Brand, The Business and Team Cornelius

You have seen the name Freely Speaking at the most recent Fashion Trade shows and we are back. Freely Speaking: The Baby, The Brand, The Business; together with Team Cornelius™ presents a brand new collection. Dionne | Deon™ which is a predominately black and white line of apparel that will include: graphic tees, styles with logo and or self-titled statement (Dionne | Deon™) breaking little barriers in crossing colors, as it is designed as a base for building around with color splashes....more


As my introductory post, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about the phrase coined; TheBabyTheBrandTheBusiness. It’s an extension of my business "FreelySpeakingInc. As my luck would have it, it has become everything that I imagined it to be at this stage of its life. Initially, the business was an alias to a tee-shirt & accessory line, inspired by catch phrases that spoke a subliminal language to a certain target audience. It was an "I dare you to freely speak" concept....more