I know it's only July but, soon you will need this!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015Free Back to School Printable I know it is tough to think about but, the ole clock says mid July.  School will be back in session real soon.  Since we can't fight it, let's prepare for it and maybe, relief some s...more

My Thanksgiving table setting and a FREE place card printable

My grandma, Marilyn Reid, was an EXCELLENT cook.  Her table was always beautifully set with real china and silverware, and we all ate together- no kids table!  When I was around 10 she let me start bringing the pies and appetizers.  In my 20’s when the holiday meals moved to my mom & dad’s house, she taught me how to prepare her recipes from start to finish.  Eventually she took to watching me make the entire meal while supervising from a stool at the counter....more

5 Back To School Printables

August is almost upon us and summer is slowly winding down. Back-to-school sales are gearing up and you can almost here the faint sounds of school bells in the distance. I'll even be going back to school this fall to learn more about graphic communication. So what better way the gear for the upcoming school year by getting some FREE printables. I've rounded up some of my favorites and wanted to share with you all! Enjoy!...more

Free Summer Chalkboard Printable

Summer is not my favorite season.  Why?  I grew up in Texas.  From middle May to the end of August, you are essentially stuck inside due to the blazing temperatures outside.  And I love to be outside, so suffice it to say it was kind of miserable....more