Freezer Beef & Bean Burritos

An alternative to canning tomatoes

I have a small garden, and one of the main things I harvest is tomatoes. Some years, the tomatoes are out of control so I had to find a way to preserve them. I do not know how to can fruits and vegetables, and for some reason, the idea of canning intimidates me. Thankfully, my mother-in-law taught me a good way to preserve your tomatoes without canning - freezing them. It is a very simple method that even I can do! In the wintertime, I just go to my freezer and grab some dices tomatoes for my chili or spaghetti sauce.Here’s how you do it:...more

My green plan for saving money (and freezer space) on meat

 Food containers are, for most people, one of the highest sources of consumer waste.  Every week we throw away countless cans, bottles, and plastics.  Buying in bulk, then splitting up our purchases into smaller units helps, but too often that involves plastic bags which we use once, then discard. In many ways, the money spent on plastic bags counter-balances the money saved with this method -- and creates even more garbage that presently cannot be recycled (since only #1, #2, and, in some areas, #5 plastics can be submitted for recycling)....more

The Freezer is My Friend: How to Avoid Food Spoilage by Freezing

Healthy cooking for one or two people is hard. Unlike families of four or more who can eat through heads of lettuce, bunches of carrots, and entire watermelons before they rot in the refrigerator, single individuals and couples do not typically eat enough fresh produce in a week to justify the oftentimes high prices fresh food is sold at. It's the catch 22 of smaller families. Buying whole produce is healthier, but not cost efficient if half or more of your fresh food purchase rots in the fridge and goes to waste....more

Ask A Scientist: Freezer Burn

Question: “What exactly is freezer burn and how can I prevent it?” -Amanda J  Seattle WA...more

What's in your freezer?

 Day 28 – I was inspired by today’s post by Laine Griffin “The Laine List” and comments from other bloggers on her post, which reminded me to check the freezer for hidden treasures. ...more
H, ha, ha... " is the season for lots of butter!" I love it! @cookingwithkary Have a great ...more

Meal plan: week of 11/28, and I'm uninspired

  Post-Thanksgiving let down has left me uninspired....more
@Laine Griffin I agree. I don't think I YET duplicate some of those terrific Chinese take-outs ...more

On Turning OCD into Freezer Frugality; Tamed Tips for the Less Crazy

I'd like to invite you into a very private place. A place that I've only figured out recently. A place that used to be a frozen graveyard; where money went to die. (No, not my unmentionables drawer.) My freezer. For years, I've known the freezer could be the secret to preserving food, saving money, and making life easier. But figuring out how to do all of that with a modest icebox was a big secret that I promised myself I'd figure out just as soon as I finished the bills, redid the budget, did the dishes, vacuumed, washed the dogs and mended my comforter....more

TW made the spreadsheet on Friday night. We shopped on Saturday. Nobody has entered anything and ...more

Freezer Organization 101

If you’re old enough, you’ll remember what happened every time Fred Flintstone opened his closet -— well, that’s precisely what my freezer was like, only when things fell out they tended to be frozen-solid blocks, and they invariably landed on one’s feet. Who knew how important steel-toed boots could be in the kitchen? ...more

We made the investment in a deep freeze and I'm STILL having these issues... but I try to ...more

Are You Making the Most of Your Freezer?

How do you feel about your freezer? In my kitchen I have a side-by-side refrigerator with a freezer, plus an additional upright freezer, and both my freezers are usually pretty full. I admit, I'm one of those crazy ladies who can't stand to throw away perfectly good food or ingredients, so I'm always thinking of new things to freeze. ...more

It was fun finding so many good freezing ideas.

Kalyn Denny