Easy Tasty Prepared Meals

If we had the time to prepare a fancy meal every night, we would, but unfortunately life tends to get a little more complicated. It is easy to go out to dinner or reach for the unhealthy food items, but that just becomes expensive and unflattering to the hips. The solution is taking one day over the weekend to go over next week’s schedule and then see what days freezer friendly meals would come in use. Sunday can be your day to prepare those meals, which will last not just that week, but can be saved for other weeks when you get in a pickle....more

Make Ahead Meals - Tortilla Stew

TORTILLA STEWMakes 3 freezer containers with 4 servings each for a total of 12 servingsINGREDIENTS2 lbs chicken breast or thigh2 x 18oz cans stewed tomatoes9oz can of enchilada sauce...more

Gluten Free Arancini

I have a gluten allergy and I work A LOT - so having yummy pre-made meals for my guys makes my life MUCH easier.I have tried the old standards, but have been trying to find NEW things to try - Arancini, sure... why not!...more

Simple Meals

Are you trying to eat healthy but too busy to cook? Follow us weekly and find out great recipes that you can make ahead, that you can either pop in the oven or throw in your crockpot. Another great option is to get a friend or a couple friends and coordinate a meal exchange. Pick out two meals each and buy all of the ingredients for your two meals. Make sure to double them up if you are coordinating with a friend. Pick a day to prepare the meals and put in freezer bags with written directions on the bags. Freeze the meals and arrange a day to exchange them....more