How Monthly Freezer Cooking Works for Us

For several months I’ve been on the once-a-month freezer meal cooking bandwagon. When I first learned about monthly cooking, many years ago, it seemed like the things people were freezing to eat later were chili, soup, chili, another tomato based product, and chili. Not being so adventurous in the kitchen, the idea of cooking once a month sounded awesome, but the offerings left me hesitant to try it out. And I’m sure I was missing out on great recipes back then, but so be it....more

5 Quick, Easy and Delicious FREEZER Meals

5 Easy, Quick and Yummy FREEZER Meals The last couple of months it has been on my "to do" list to make some freezer meals for some families who I felt needed them. The holidays came, our family was sick and life got busy...and I procrastinated. Then, one of the families, had their babies 1 week earlier then planned and I had wished so much that I had not procrastinated!...more