Cold Weather Traumas

I tell you what. It is bloody cold in Oxfordshire at the moment. It was -4 Celsius this morning and for some unknown reason, Izzy decided that she wanted to lick the frost from the car. How daft is that? And I speak with authority because I once did the same thing and my tongue stuck to the ice on the passenger side. I had to pant hot breath on it for five minutes before I was finally free. And of course, in the interim, the majority of my close neighbours walked by, regarding me with shock .......... yeh, like they have never done the same thing? ...more

The Coldest I've Ever Been

The coldest I've ever been was not December 27, 2009 when I watched my husband officiate the Music City Bowl.  Sitting for three hours inside the Tennessee Titans' stadium in a windchill of 17 degrees makes a body cold, to be sure.  But I've been colder.  In the 70s.            In the 70s, I liked to hear the WKEE dj who lived inside my clock radio say, "Cabell County" in the list of school cancellations.  I'd hit the off button and roll over and dream about--  What was the oldest Partridge brot...more

Bringing a Pie to a Thanksgiving Dinner: Making Ahead and Transporting

I am getting close to my final pie lineup for Thanksgiving at my husband's family's house. There have been some changes: I'm not making apps after all -- I like my savory pies heated through, and oven space is at a premium since the guest list is now at (gulp) 19. I've also gotten a request for a fruit pie, and other people are covering pumpkin and pecan. So... I'm rethinking. ...more

but with 21 guests and very little counter space I'm pretty sure that might be grounds for my ...more

Freezing Me Out

Is it me or does every office building have some sort of mandate where the A/C has to be on 30 degrees all year round? I don’t recall one place that I have ever worked where I didn’t have to wear a ski parka, mittens, and snow boots just to be comfortable. At my last job I snuck in a space heater and had that going all year round. I know I can be a little colder than most, but when objects on my desk start to feel cold, I know it’s not just me. Can someone please explain this to me?...more

Tips for Preserving the Harvest.

I thought it was fascinating that many of the respondents to BlogHer's question: How do you practice a sustainable lifestyle? answer with some theme of gardening.  The same day I read this, I was chatting with a friend who mourned the loss from peeling all her peaches to make jam.  I realized that many may be embarking on the food preservation trail without all the help and guidance they could use.  So here we will be gathering tips and ideas for preserving ...more


While there are some fussy fruits and combos that may take a while to finally jell, I ...more