I'm Freezing and My Husband Cares More About the Heating Bill Than Me!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,Our house is always cold in the winter and my husband refuses to turn up the heat because he's cheap. Well, that's what I think, anyway. He says 69 degrees is warm enough and that I should just put on a sweater and stop complaining. It's making me really resent him and wonder why he's not concerned about my comfort. What can I do?Signed,Frozen Schmozen ...more
What a terrible tension point: is it that one person sees comfort as love and does the other see ...more

Beautiful Night

It's so cold the snow sounds hollow under my feet.  I'd just spent 40 minutes sitting in front of our heater trying to get warm and was all ready to go to bed, when I heard the intake valve of our heater crying which means it needs to be cleared of snow (from the outside).  Exclaiming a hearty, "Crapola", I donned my boots, jacket, hat and scarf and went out....more
@victorias_view You and me, both. LOL! Brrrrrrrr...more

Dear Minus Thirty-Six Degrees

Dear Minus Thirty-Six Degrees (I think to myself as I walk to the post office at lunch bundled up in layers of clothing),I don’t want to say something to offend you and get the “cold shoulder” (ha-ha), but I think we really appreciate you best in small doses and this dose is getting a little long. We DO appreciate the lack of wind, but we would not be offended if you wanted to breeze along for a while.Sincerely, A Person Tired of Feeling Stuck Inside ...more
Very cool! Thank you! :) @edavismore