Date night Bucket List: France at the World Showcase in Epcot

I had the opportunity to check off one of my dating bucket list items on our recent family vacation to Disney World! I wasn't sure if we would get the opportunity to spend some time alone and it magical happened!!...more
That's one of my favorite restaurants in Epcot. Glad you had a nice experience.more

Happy Bastille Day: How to Serve (and Eat) a Cheese Course

Are you planning to visit France? Eat in a French restaurant? Meet your future French in-laws? There is a certain cheese etiquette that must be followed. ...more
I was in France recently and loved the cheese, as well as the wine, bread, anything really. I do ...more

Best Picture Dinners: Midnight in Paris

Over the past ten years, I've felt very mixed about Woody Allen's films. When he's on, these days, he's really on—his movies are funny and human and delightful. But when he's off, his films feel self-indulgent and flat. Luckily for moviegoers in this Oscar cycle, with Midnight in Paris, Allen was totally on, creating a lovely, frothy fantasy where love and struggling writers win in the end. It deserves a Parisian feast in celebration....more
This is a fabulous idea! I would've never thought, in a million years, to pair movies with food. ...more

Me & The Egg

I spent six days in Paris and I can't stop thinking about the eggs. One egg in particular.We Americans eat eggs at breakfast. Sometimes we eat them in quiche for lunch. But we don't ever eat them for dinner. And that's a shame. A real shame....more

absolument! have you ever had one? life changing, seriously.more

French Cooking School--No Passport Required

My home economist mom taught me how to make mouthwatering midwestern meals with garden-fresh veggies, Norwegian salmon, and Scandinavian cookies. I never knew why people made such a big deal about French cooking until I worked at a French restaurant staffed almost entirely by chefs who never spoke a word of English. Besides improving my French, I discovered a whole new world of spices and sauces.   ...more