Dinner with a Warm and Welcoming French Family

Last night we had the honor of being guests for dinner in my husband’s friends’ home in the South of France.  Simply delightful.   I was politely introduced to three generations of family and was warmly welcomed with many bises-kisses....more

Croque Monsieur recipe

Some days are really, really busy…today is one of those days. I didn’t have time to cook a proper lunch and I was not feeling like eating another sandwich or, at least, not the same old one. What about a Croque Monsieur then?!  Easy to do, rich, and so good…yes! This is my recipe, the basic one, but you can add grilled vegetables instead of ham, or add more cheese…it’s up to you and your taste. What you need: The bread. I only eat whole wheat flour braed, but of course you can use your favourite one. Two slices for a croque monsieur....more

On Crossing the English Channel and Making Dreams Come True

April has been a very blah month for me.  It has rained almost every single day, and I have felt like I'm under house arrest.  Except when I have to go to the market, and get completely drenched in the constant rain.  A trip to the coast was a very welcome reprieve last week, but I have really been itching to go somewhere.  Finances have been tight, with taxes and our car breaking ...more

Ask A Scientist: Sous Vide

Question: “What exactly IS sous vide cooking?  And is it safe?” -Arthur M  Chicago...more

Stoplight Piperade!

Sometimes the hardest part of writing about food is coming up with a catchy title that will attract the reader’s eye.  I know that when I’m cooking the food is good (because I’ve done a fair amount of research and trial beforehand) but with everyone else and their cousin writing about it you mus...more

Bacon, Leek & Cheddar Quiche

Last Wednesday, with the kids and P-Daddy home for lunch, I decided to whip up a quick quiche. I like to use Irish restaurant and gift shop, Avoca Handweavers, cafe's cookbook recipe for the custard....more

French Cookbook Giveaway

My thing is cooking. Well, really my thing is eating. And since I have three kids and therefore little desire to sit in restaurants with them more than is absolutely necessary, my thing has turned out to be cooking. I do it because I get a hankering for something and just have to have it. Or maybe I've had something delicious in a restaurant one of the few times I get to go to one and want to make it at home so I can have it again and again. Or I get an idea from a book or see something beautiful at the market that is begging me to eat it. ...more

French Food, Blowing Stuff Up.

I have never made a souffle before.  Souffles always look so complicated to make, like figuring out tax law or neuroscience, so I just decided that I would be blown out of the culinary water if I had tried.  I was intimidated.  Grounded.  Deflated.  Souffles looked about as difficult to make as, as...more

Bunless Burgers with Eggs on Horseback -- French & English Recipes

Today's recipe is famously Parisian. You can probably find this on the menu of any sidewalk cafe. The French don't eat eggs at breakfast like we're used to doing. They elevate the humble egg to lunch and dinner and serve it in ingenious ways. For me, a crazy egg lover, this makes perfect sense. I look for any opportunity to try a new egg recipe. Remember the Parisian oeuf en croute?...more

Photo of The Egg

Thanks to la Canadienne for the photo. And a mention to les deux canadiennes for the title of the egg post. ...more