Foodie Friday: Would you like fries with that?

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Oven-Baked French Fries With Homemade Mayonnaise

Question: Are potatoes vegetables or not? Most of you are likely to say they're surely a vegetable, since they grow in the ground just like carrots and belong to the root plants. So, obviously they're vegetables.   ...more

No Fuss, Just Plain English Oven Baked Chips

It’s definitely not as nice as deep fried ones I think. But the baking process actually helps to retain the original flavours of the potato, which makes the fries tastier in another way. And of course, this version is generally assumed to be healthier as well....more

Potato Wedges (Wedgies!)

I haven’t had a French fry since February 2006.  I have totally sworn off deep fried food.  These “wedgies” are my answer to a low fat healthy French fry without the guilt of the take out window. ...more

Grilled Potatoes

What girl doesn't love French Fries???  Here I have something for you that tastes just like a French Fry but without all the pesky fat and calories! ...more

A Side of Charcoal

Growing up, my dad was a minister in the Methodist church, which meant every summer we would ...more

~French's Fried Onion Fries!

~French's Fried Onion Fries!     ...more

French Fries Veg Salad in Garlic Sauce

If U buy in KFc,U get loads of French Fries which most of us keep it untouched.U can do salad with it -the best side dish for Chapati or any non-veg dishes or U can have it alone.It can accompany Biryani,pulao or fried rices like raita.Very tasty tea time salad for the kids.Best done with french fries or shallow-fried potato pieces with other Veg and garlic sauce. Try this Salad at home.Enjoy L(E)azy cooking with ur family. Bon Appetit! Visit ..