A juicing we will go

Jim made us juices for dinner last night and there was enough left over that it is my breakfast this morning.I also have fresh fruit with me and a banana and spring water.Short of probably having to put my desk on rollers to the ladies room, it’ll prove to be interesting to see if this will add to keeping my legs on the smaller side.They say it takes a scare to get you back on the right track. Sausage legs were indeed scary.I’m back!...more

Fresh Fruit Cobbler

Finally, spring & summer are here and FRESH fruit is on the way!  So, in this house, it's "cobbler time" (that should be a song!) and yes...this one is with blueberries. I have been making this cobbler recipe for over 12 years, used lots of different fruits and it comes out great every time.  It's "a cup, a cup, a cup and 3".... no kidding, it's that easy!  Keep this recipe on hand when you need a little comfort, have friends over or just want to celebrate the day!...more
@Denise Go for it Denise!  i would like to say truthfully that our family has a favorite but I ...more

We are so happy to be a part of BlogHer!

Sandra Hoopes   Everyday Southwest We want to introduce ourselves to the BlogHer family.  Donna and I (Sandy) are sisters that grew up in the Southwest. Our blog is the result of trying to share new recipes with each other and record old family favorites for our children and friends. ...more