Farmers Market Finds

(Bounty of mine)Last weekend we decided to go the farmers market in search of a feast. It was a beautiful Saturday morning! Some years ago we frequented farmers markets. We had been regulars for about two years.  We would go at a reasonable time on Saturday morning and be back in time for lunch. Our meals teeming with fresh vegetables. ...more

A Succulent Adorned Cornucopia With A Twist

 A horned shaped container, what’s up with that?  What do you do with it?...more

Farmer's Market Sunday

www.abowlfullofsimple.comBeautiful Sunday morning at our local Farmer’s MarketA feast for the senses – A feast for dinner...more

How to Start a CSA Program At Your Office

Imagine picking up a box of groceries at work. Now imagine that the box includes strawberries, snap peas, asparagus, baby lettuce, and radishes all picked that morning less than 20 miles away; a dozen free-range eggs; local goat cheese; a loaf of fresh-baked bread; and a jar of honey. Start envisioning dinner: goat cheese and strawberry salad, asparagus frittata, stir-fry. Finally, imagine that this convenience cost you less than a trip to the store. Too good to be true? Not if you’re a member of a workplace-based CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. ...more
This is a fantastic idea, and something I would have never thought of. We had a CSA basket for a ...more

Fresh Produce and More!

Recently our Gregory’s Fresh Market Place team had the chance to experience how the work that we do, impacts our “extended” community. At one of the “Independent Living” facilities we serve, there was one proud 95 year old women, with obvious physical challenges, being aided by her son, who was also a senior to our Farmer’s Market....more

Is it worth it to buy Organic?

Is it worth it to buy organic? According to the Environmental Working Group, pesticide exposure can be eliminated by 80% just from avoiding the most contaminated produce. They cite the Big 12 most important fruits and veggies worth buying organic:...more

Something Wonderful Is Happening In Michigan

by Elizabeth Hemmerdinger ...more

'Tis the season for heirloom tomatoes

To state that I like tomatoes is like saying Harry Potter fans casually enjoy the books. Yes, I am a fanatic. In my brasher and more spontaneous college days, I entered multiple tomato eating contests and nearly won a couple. It was all about quantity then. ...more