My Funny Clementine: Spicy Cognac Chocolate Fondue w/ Clementines

   Why is fondue a Valentine’s Day tradition? According to tradition, if you drop your bread or fruit into the fondue you must kiss the person opposite you. Depending on where you are sitting you’re either going to be clumsy Cathy or cautious Cathy. Either way there will be chocolate involved....more

Ready to Launch

Hello, BlogHer World, My name is Kaycee, and I'm new to BlogHer and to blogging.  In the past few months since deciding to launch my new tasting club, Joyful Table, Wordpress seems to have taken over my life.   I'm trying not only to pull together a seamless set of launch parties with guest experts in attendance, but at the same time, learn how to create a post, use links (many thanks to Garden Variety Cheese who is our ...more
@Joyful Table I like to fill it with good food and laugh with the ones I love :)more

Breaded Eggplant Pakoras Over Greens

Pakoras are a North Indian appetizer, made out of vegetables that are battered in chickpea flour and water and then de...more

Arugula Salad with Roasted Beets, Fresh Mint, Blue Cheese & Pecans

Travel. I’ve been traveling for the past week-and-a-half. Not for pleasure. But for work. Which means that I’ve eaten a lot of airplane food. And mediocre room service. And cold pizza in conference rooms. I arrived home in San Francisco exhausted, and really craving something fresh, light, and healthy. Not to mention delicious. ...more
Beautiful presentation and I can just taste the delicious flavours by sight alone. I'm busy ...more