Smooth Feta Dip with Fresh Herbs

If you’re like me, you always have feta in your fridge. It is such crumbly, salty joy of a cheese. I’m always looking for new ways to use it. This dip takes no time at all, and it uses yogurt instead of mayo or sour cream. So, dare say its healthy?As far as dips go… for sure!Fresh dill, parsley and green onions make this a fresh spread for pitas, veggies, or even on a sandwich.Oh yeah, and there’s a good kick of garlic in there which makes it even better.Have a great weekend! ...more

Pasta with Lemon, Garlic and Roasted Tomatoes

This is another one of those ridiculously easy recipes that tastes like you ordered it in a restaurant.  The thing about Italian cooking is that the simplicity of it allows you to enjoy the ingredients; everything is highlighted rather than muddled or muted.   This is a great dish for entertaining. ...more

Pasta with Romano Beans and Crispy Bacon

This is a complete pantry dish.  I love this because it’s hearty, healthy, yummy and dare I say, cheap?  The most expensive aspect of this dish is the bacon and really, you’re only using two strips (check out the notes!).


The cilantro on the left is beginning to look a bit tired, BUT it is a week old!When you receive, or buy for yourself, a bouquet of roses or any other flower, the first thing you're advised to do is snip off an inch or ...more

Cinnamon Basil

Discovering new elements in life is a joy. Simply because mundane routine is like a piece chocolate cake with no icing. Could anyone tell me if they had a cake recently that had no icing or a certain element to bring out its beauty? For the last two days, it has been real cloudy and chilly. I thought, for a moment, we were having an English summer again. The sun barely comes out and even on the warmest day, you still need a cardigan to go about your errands....more
Thank you for the comments everyone! Will definitely check out doTerra essential oil. ...more