Friday Wrap-Up,October 18th

Weird start to the day. I could have sworn it was Saturday. I started my weekend routine and didn't realize until about an hour had passed, that it was Friday. How I thought I missed a whole day is beyond me. Anyway, I got a lot done so that's a positive....more

High Five for Friday

Good morning friends and happy Friday!Today I am linking up with Lauren @ The Lauren Elizabeth, head on over to her blog to see what this is all about.1. I have spent this whole week at my parent's place. Nate was here last weekend then went back home to work (he took Charlie with him). So, it's been me and H relaxing at Grama's house! One morning Dad made us pancakes... H even had her own six little pancakes!...more

Frantic Friday

Frantic Friday! As the week comes to a close and the weekend is about to start, I like to stop for a moment to appreciate the small things. We tend to overlook the small daily happenings and focus on the larger ones. We focus on the bills that need to be paid (rightfully so!), dinner that needs to be made, cat-hair tumbleweeds that need to be vacuumed....more

Friday/End Of Week Wrap-Up

This has been a busy but productive week. I am glad that it's almost over with. For the next 3 days I am not obligated to be anywhere, unless I choose so. Which is a nice break from trekking in the ice/cold/snow. Watching the action from the window is good enough for me.I also think that it's going to be a snowy weekend which isn't so bad because with snow comes warmer temperatures. A little warmer anyway....more

Friday is Beauty

This week as been a week of gratitude for me. Not that I'm not grateful everyday, but I sometimes focus too much on what I don't have versus what I do have.What I'm grateful for this week:...more

Finally Friday!!

What I am loving Friday! A quiet cool place to study for nurse anesthesia boards at the library Being finished with anesthesia school Skinny vanilla lattes Dropping the kids off at school My house cleaner that is coming today My fun husband who took me to the beach last week My laundry being caught up (thanks to my amazing mom who worked on my laundry while we were at the beach Healthy children Pool party tomorrow with friends Fall quickly approaching A perfect job My home on the river That THE BEST IS YET TO BE!!...more

Rainy Friday Wrap-Up

Today's post was supposed to be a little different, but mother nature did not cooperate. She can be something else. When you think you're going to do something, she shows you who's really in control. So, it will be postponed to another day, hopefully soon....more

Fabulous Friday

You made it!!  Another week down and a weekend of open possibilities lies ahead.Think for a moment of everything you accomplished this week.  It doesn't have to be something major, the small stuff counts too!Did you get the dishwasher unloaded?  Yep, that counts!  Good job!Did you get a good night's sleep?  Yay!!!Did you talk with a friend?  Great!!...more

Hot Fridays Call for Homemade pizza

1. It’s Friday – in case you didn’t know already – and it’s hotoutside. A full blown ninety degrees with lots o’ humidty for the hair. Does this mean that it’s going to be a crazy hot summer? Because if we are…well, in the words of Elle Woods: I object. Maybe the weather gods just can’t make up their mind on the temperature again. And should also stop watching Legally Blonde once a month....more

For Fridays Sake!

I'M OBSESSING OVER: Evangelion. I found out recently the third movie of the remake series is coming out Fall 2012, and I. Can't. WAIT.I'M LISTENING TO: Tank! on the Cowboy Bebop OST. It just makes you want to move!I'M CRAVING: Another grilled cheese sandwich. Justin makes them like the Yard House makes them. Four different cheeses....more