'Friday the 13th' Pug Style!

Pugs get into the act in this parody of the classic horror flick, 'Friday the 13th!' -PJ Gach...more

Full Moon AND Friday the 13th AND Mercury Retrograde? Oh No!

Oh no?! Just kidding!  Regardless of the stories about full moons and what they do to us, we won’t necessarily grow fangs or act out. The Sagittarius Moon will be fully lit by the Sun in the opposite sign Gemini – very dramatic, but nothing to fear.  And “Triskaidekaphobia” is just that,  a phobia. Image: Shutterstock ...more
Holly Jahangiri  Sounds like you have a great attitude to meet whatever comes your way:) Even ...more

Friday the 13th & Mixed Moon Energy Weekend

Moon in Capricorn on Friday, September 13, 2013 – Moon in Aquarius early on Sunday morning, September 15, 2013 -hmmmm. Work hard, go over the budget, be in charge on Friday/Saturday. Attend a community fund raiser, corral volunteers for a neighborhood project and / or go out to picket on Sunday?...more

Chaucer (and others) on Friday the 13th

In a search for the source of the bad luck reputation of Friday the 13th, I came across numerous references to a line in Chaucer's Cantebury Tales -- "And on a Friday fell all this mischance" -- as the beginning of its literary reputation, unless one counts the crucifixion in the Bible, which maybe one should. That particular Friday, though, is called "Good Friday," so I don't know....more

A Rich History Provides For Friday The 13th Superstitions!

  Dear Readers: Another Happy Friday the 13th from a black cat! I promise not to bring you bad luck for crossing your path; instead, I bring you the history of this "unlucky" day! This is a re-post from April, so if you missed it - or simply want to enjoy it again - read on! ...more

Paraskevidekatriaphobia— the fear of Friday the 13th

2012  a bad year for people who suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia — the fear of Friday the 13th…. Maybe those damn mayans had it! Why? …  There are three this year… instead of the usual two…. There was one in 2011. That’s not all. For the first time since 1984, those three Friday the 13ths — Jan. 13, April 13 and July 13 — are exactly 13 weeks apart. But!...more

Astrology: Moon in Libra 5/13/11 * Charm Rules the Weekend!

Friday the 13th – What me worry?? Nope – no “triskaidekaphobia” here! It will be a beautiful day filled with charm and beauty. Especially once the Lunar orb arrives in the social, partnership focused Air sign of Libra. This Venus ruled sign urges us to cooperate, find balance, seek out pretty things, partake of good food – just harmony and general deliciousness. Moon in Libra 11:56AM Eastern/ 8:56AM Pacific, May 13. ...more

Very Superstitious

Dear Delilah,These last couple of weeks have been jam-packed with busy. So jam-packed, and so busy, that I didn't get the opportunity to write this letter to you on August 13th, as I had intended to do. It's not that August 13th, as a date, is terribly relevant to the subject of this letter. It's that August 13th was a 'Friday the 13th', which you'll come to find out is, supersitiously, considered to be an un-lucky day. March 13th, 2009 was also a Friday the 13th....more

Wear your underwear backwards for good luck!

Thank you all for accepting me into your blog network.  To follow are my thoughts about today. Please send me your comments about superstitions, yours, mine or just plain funny ones.  Brenda www.plussizebrasandpanties.blogspot.com Wear your underwear backwards for good luck! ...more

Its National Underwear Day today in the UK! Hurray! I'm not sure what this signifies, be it ...more

Friday the 13th and other superstitions such as "Don't say 'pig' while fishing."

No one knows for sure where the superstition about Friday the 13th started. Some date it back to the ancient Greeks, some to Biblical times. According to Wikipedia, the fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia,... derived from Greek words meaning "thirteen", "Friday" and "fear". The authors then continue with my favorite words of the week: This is a specialized form of triskaidekaphobia, a simple fear of the number thirteen, and is also known as friggatriskaidekaphobia. ...more

There are a number of stories about the origin. Paranormalknowledge.com says The actual ...more