How Facebook Changed My Memories of High School

I have to admit I was surprised by some of the people who wanted to "friend" me. These people were not my friends in high school that I remembered. Some of them had not been very nice to me. Why did they want to be my friend now? It made me start to think that the kids who were mean to me didn't remember being mean. I remembered. ...more
@monicarysavy I completely agree with your comment. I wonder why they want to friend me as ...more

Does Your Reason for Friending or Unfriending Change Over Time?

Why do you friend someone on Facebook?  Is it because you want to keep up with their life on a daily basis and lack the time to do so via email or over the phone?  Do you friend someone because you want them to know moments from your daily life?  Do you accept every friend request, from neighbours to coworkers to that cool person you once sat next to on a cross-country flight, or are you picky about who you add to your network?  Would you ever add a friend of a friend you don't know at all? ...more
Since I often post info and pics of my kids, and military husband, I only friend people I have ...more

The Facebook Gods

by Jen Reisen I'm not too sure how it all started. Perhaps finding friends on Facebook, more than two years after I joined (declaring myself The Oldest Person there), had finally reached an end. So I searched for God....more