Can you outgrow friendships?

Lately I have been noticing a change in myself. I finally know who I am and what I want. I have reached a milestone and honestly trying to be the "great" friend all the time is really starting to exhaust me. You see, I do a lot for people. I listen, put up with bad moods and help whenever I can. But once it would be nice if someone would just ask me "How are you?" or "What can I do?" Look, being ingle does not mean we single people have no life. We have feelings, concerns and needs too. So you are married, in a relationship or have children....more


OCCASSIONAL FRIENDS…..Do you have friends in your life or acquaintances that simply you like but would not want to spend every waking moment with? Most of us do….Actually most of us would not want to spend every waking moment with anyone in particular all the time….We all need some rest in between for ourselves to become our best self….in order to share the best of ourselves with others…If we are so busy with other people all the time we then have no time to nurture ourselves to become our best turn not being able to give back to others.......more

Honesty: Where do you draw the line between being honest and being too honest?

Honesty. A commodity that everybody says that they want in a person and in a friendship. When we ask a person if they've got time to listen to us and we share our problems with them. We ask them for advice and what they think about the situation. Then, we'll say, "I want you to be honest with me." Then, if that person is honest with us, then often times, we'll get mad with them. How is that fair?...more