Finding & Building Friendships as Women and Moms

Not too long ago, I met a woman through a mutual friend. The friend we shared in common mentioned to me how much I'd like the woman I eventually met. And, like her I did!When she arrived at my house for the first time, her her hair was wrapped. Instantly, I was aware this woman just might have some similar values with which we could connect. But, as we all started talking and discussing, I realized that this particular woman had more depth and I wanted to know more....more

They are so much thinner

True confession here. My high school girl friends have an annual coffee Thanksgiving weekend. These women are beautiful, kind, generous, compassionate, brilliant, successful, funny and really thin. I love them. I treasure them and the instant conversation that ensues when I join their company. Time has never passed. These ladies are quality.I'm big into old friends are the best friends, staying connected, investing into relationships. You get what you give and I want these ladies in my life....more


"There is no friend like a sister"

“Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.”- Carol Saline...more

Feeling Festive

Today, My Friend

Today I will meet my friend. How I look forward to the easy conversation, the catching-up stories, and the giggles. You have a friend just like this, I’m sure. The one you don’t see for weeks ...more

Good friendships lead to good health…

Do your friends get on your nerves? Research shows that friendships have a bigger impact on your quality of life than your realize. Companionship provided by friends can ward off depression, boost self-esteem and provide support. Research has shown the health benefits of social support....more

For the Love of Pie

The other day as I pulled in my driveway, I noticed something different. While I was out running errands, this sign mysteriously showed up on my front porch chair....more

Don't Give it Away

Your body knows it before your mind. Something is just not right. You've spent the evening with an old friend and you're glad the night is over. You've felt this way before but you've ignored it. She interrupts you, and doesn't listen. She is headstrong ...more

10 Friend Drops You Need to Make in Your 30s

Friendship is a complicated human equation. It not only evolves with time, it also evolves with you....more
Loved this - thanks for sharing as I definitely recognise several of these!more