A Whole Lotta Gardening

Life has been full lately. A beautiful, tasty, diverse kind of full. But, so full that some afternoons all I want to do is nap. Curl up on top of my clean bed, babe in arms, and drift off. Not for a long while, just a half hour. Alas, Reality Check: Babe is hardly a babe anymore. He's 1 already. Wah! Babe only takes one short nap a day. One very short nap. And, twenty minute nap usually occurs before the afternoon lethargy hits....more

Score: Political Hackdom 1- Animal Kingdom 0; A Sad Day for Frogs and Turtles

Millions if not billions of turtles and frogs are imported into California to be sold in the live animal markets for human consumption. Those unfit to eat manage to find their way, through the distributors, into the pet trade where they can be purchased at swap meets, in alleys and at flea markets. It is unlawful to sell the turtles if their shell diameters are less than four inches, so legitimate retail dealers often don't carry them....more