DIY hey y'all Front Door Vinyl Tutorial

Hello and happy Saturday!With spring right around the corner I’ve been looking at Pinterest for ways to boost the curb appeal of our little casa without spending a ton of money.  One of the things I found on was to add a vinyl decal to your front door. There are a ton of different options available on Etsy but since I already have a snazzy Silhouette machine and I’m feeling crafty, I figured I’d make my own....more

Paint It Black - What a Difference a Door Color Makes

We recently started working on our front entrance by replacing our ugly uninspiring light fixture with a DIY chandelier made with coffee filters, something that reflects us both very well as we both love some fine brewed java. Next on the dusty to-do list was painting the front door which we wanted to scream glam, so inspired by our trip to Paris we painted it black and white, similar to the style of the famous French fashion designer Coco Channel....more
Love the effect and so easy. I also love black and use it from time to time to add drama where ...more

My New Entry Way Complete

The Bench Won OutAt last it is complete - I made the final touches today by installing hooks for the light fixture.  I had gone back and forth with deciding on whether or not to place a console table at the entry way or a bench. ...more
Why thank you. Getting ready to paint the 2nd bench. It's a bit taller therefore I'm using it as ...more

A Bright Pop of Color

Ok I'm REALLY into an orange front door, especially since Shawn said "go" to it for our house. We both just agree that it's too soon to paint the house (4 months-fresh) even though we are just NOT tan/beige/taupe house people.I think taking this baby step towards hanging our freak flag will get the neighborhood used to us. Here's some other orange doors that are GORGEOUS. ...more
Great note... I didn't know that! We'll choose the safer one. We live here mostly and look at it ...more

Re-Do an Old Door

If you happen to have, or can find, an old front door with a glass window in it, take out the glass and install a mirror or a piece of stained glass in the door. First, take off all hardware, fill holes with wood putty, sand down and paint the door. Below the mirror…add a small wood shelf and below that, or down the sides of the mirror add wood or iron pegs to hang things on…purses, keys… You could add a small shelf above the mirror and let a plant to trail down. Install a nail below the shelf to hang a wreath on the door. Above the mirror, stencil the word WELCOME....more

Does your Front Entrance Welcome Wealth or Turn it Away?

If you were to ask me which was the most important energetic location in your home from a Feng Shui perspective I would answer there are actually two; your bedroom and your front entrance followed a close third by the centre. The bedroom supports your health and well being. It is where your body, mind and soul are able to rest, restore and rejuvenate themselves. Traditionally in ancient times the bedroom was orientated to support the mother as she needed to be healthy to have children and raise them. Times however have changed. ...more