A Front Porch I Actually Want to Use

With the arrival of spring, I’ve started thinking a bit more about our home’s curb appeal.When we first moved in, I decorated our front porch with a couple painted chairs. I actually found the chairs in our garage (left over from the last homeowners) and spray painted them yellow. They were okay for a while, until I decided that the yellow wasn’t doing it for me and I repainted them navy blue....more

Lessons of Porch Time

I hope you’ll excuse my tardiness.  We are in Broxton and that means we are on “porch time.”  Keeping time by watching the sunshine as it crosses the blue gray planks of the porch floor, by counting the cars as they pass, or by Grammy’s calls to join her at the table is a gift and a blessing that I must soak up while I am here.  Just as I settled in to write this morning one of the trucks passing slowed to a stop and my dear second cousin once or twice removed Charlie joined us on the porch for a nice visit.  He interrupted Grammy’s breakfast preparations, but all that d...more
Porch time sounds lovely!more

Today, I want to live here: The front porch

When I was a girl, my grandma and I would sit on her porch together. On really steamy days, she’d take her glass of ice-cold sweet tea and press it against her face. To her, it was relief. To me, it was just my silly Grandma Peggy doing silly things. I believe in porches. A front porch is essential. Necessary. Imperative. It is absolutely vital....more

We're still not quite seriously looking to buy yet but I sigh over the houses we see with a good ...more