5 Things to Do When Faced With Frost

In upstate NY, where I live, frost is expected in fall, and by Thanksgiving we are more concerned if there will be snow--and how much. Unlike my climate, many parts of the deep South and far West don't get temperatures below freezing very often. However, my gardening friends in these areas are facing the threat of frost this week, and to hear them talk you'd think the zombie apocalypse was coming. Don't panic, I tell them, you can survive this. Just remember these five tips....more
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I knew I Couldn't Trust Spring!

Last week I blogged about our early spring and my trust issues. I admit it, I let my guard down and worked in the garden even though I knew, a warm St. Patty's Day did not mean winter was over.  I couldn't help myself....hang my head in shame. Last night the temperature dropped into the teens and a lot of flowers were lost. ...more
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So how is winter treating you? Send me a picture!

Blimey, today has been a bit busy and I am feeling a little on the tired side. If it was the Victorian times, someone would have probably suggested that I partake in 'smelling salts'. But I didn't do smelling salts because I am stoical like that, and anyway, they would probably smell like toilet blocks. Instead I went outside and took some pictures of the immediate locale. ...more

Blimey Denise, that is a cool slideshow. How do you do that?

P.S. the pics of your yard look ...more

Do you have any pet peeves about the use of language? Boy, do I ever!

Just from the headline, it's clear that I HAVE serious pet peeves when it comes to language. Could it be that I'm the offspring of an English teacher, who (she) at 84, still corrects my grammar? Maybe it's just because I love words, love language, respect it. ...more