Homemade Apple Fritter Bites

Hi DONUT lovers and everyone else interested in checking out today’s post.We have got something fun for you to try…drumroll please… … … Apple Fritter Bites! That’s right! We have a recipe that will help you make these fresh, delicious donut bites from your very own kitchen. Feel free to check out the extended version on our blog at www.simplysavorynsweet.com Keep smiling,Whitney...more

You Only Get One First Birthday!

A Funfettie Birthday...more

Homemade Cream Cheese

I had never made Cheesecake till last week. Can you believe it? I love baking and have tried all kinds of things, but for some reason, the thought of making a cheesecake from scratch always gave me cold feet. Its ridiculous isn’t it? But sometimes these things happen, where for some indescribable, strange reason you can’t bring yourself to do something. Even though you know its easy, and you know you can. And then the day you attempt it, you realize that there was nothing to fear. It almost came naturally. ...more

Avocado Chocolate Frosting

My Frosting Frenemy

Sometimes we have to confront the past to grow. After a year of avoidance, I decided it was my time. Time to face my frosting frenemy - a blend of friend and enemy. ...more

How to organize your Frosting tips and accessories, using a tool box

I have a lot of frosting tips an accessories and needed a way to quickly access them. My solution a $20 tool box from Walmart.View Post...more

Effortless Butter Cream Icing

Effortless Butter Cream IcingThis works great to frost a cake, decorate cookies, icing just about anything. You can change the flavor by using different extracts. This colors well too, I prefer to use the gel’s to color mine but the regular food coloring will work.Effortless Butter Cream IcingIngredients:...more

Whipped Chocolate Almond Frosting

This weekend I discovered a new love for yellow cake. Yep, you heard me right. Up until this weekend I had never tried yellow cake...now that I have, I don't think I can turn back....more