3-Ingredient Frozen Chocolate Bananas Are the Only Summer Treat You Need

A frozen banana covered with chocolate, topped with nuts or any decoration: so simple, so cold and delicious. This is a great snack for summer—party food on the way! ...more
This is wonderful and healthy too. Need I mention how easy it is.more


Escape the dog-days of summer this weekend with these Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Cubes....more

Elsa and Anna’s 10 Favorite Christmas Songs

If you have kids or grandkids, then you’ve probably seen Frozen.If you have young  kids or grandkids, in particular, then you’ve probably seen Frozen no less than 3,281 times....more

11 Unique Frozen Gift Ideas for All Ages

You probably accompanied a little Elsa while trick-or-treating. Or maybe the only song you've heard in the past year is "Let It Go." Or maybe you great people with your name and then say, "And I like warm hugs." Whatever the case and whomever the Frozen lover on your gift list, this guide contains unique items sure to surprise and melt hearts. Let's forego the big box stores and see what our independent, craftsy, awesome sellers have to offer our ice queen lovers....more
Thank you so much for listing my Anna Hat, I saw this and it has made my day- I enjoy creating ...more

10 Things to Say to Trick-or-Treaters Dressed as Elsa

Warning! They're coming. Not the walking dead. Or the Boy Scouts with their popcorn. No, the Elsas are coming. All 5,082,367 of them. How do I know there will be so many of them? A couple of weeks ago I took my daughter, 7, to a Halloween event. And then I almost lost her. That’s because she, as well as every other girl under age 10, dressed as Elsa from Frozen. So to prepare for the onslaught of Queen Elsas showing up at your door this Halloween, here are 10 Things to Say to Trick-or-Treaters Dressed as Elsa: ...more
My 4-year-old will also be making an appearance as Elsa, lol. I TRIED, SO HARD, to steer her ...more

Frozen DIY Cape

I had a bit of free time today and I figured what better way to use my free time than make a cape for the Elsa costume I made? Realistically, this should be easy but it took me a few tries because my cat kept messing with it. He's seriously the biggest asshole I've ever met....more

Elsa DIY Costume

If anybody watches a young girl, has a daughter, a granddaughter, a niece, has walked past a young girl, has heard the word girl, then chances are you've heard the song 'Let it Go' way too many times. Exactly 73,515,130,513,515 too many times. Don't get me wrong, I love the movie Frozen (once a year) and the meaning of the movie. Who doesn't love a good movie that's about sisters and their love for each other?...more

Adding 'Frozen' to 'Once Upon a Time' is Mostly Pretty Cool, But I'm Not Warming Up to Kristoff

"That's a pretty cool trick that they did with the troll." ...more
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Mommies are Magical

With the Frozen mania in my home, it’s no surprise that my girls have become rather obsessed with Elsa, and her magical powers.  Mydaughter has started asking me if real people have magic and I always answer “I have magic” to which she usually giggles and says something like “no you don’t!” or “show me then!”And while she may be skeptical, I know the truth: I really am magic! (All mommies are.)...more