Disney's "Frozen," Second to None

That I am going to see Disney's "Frozen" for the third time is a pretty huge deal, especially considering the fact that it has been about four years since I last paid (full-price) to see a newly released movie in the theater. Though I have taken advantage of discounts or promotions to see "Frozen," that I would venture to the theater, when I am living frugally, is a pretty huge deal. ...more

A different and most welcomed portrayal of true love

A friend of mine and I took my older two to see "Frozen" this afternoon. How refreshing, exciting, adventurous, exquisite the movie is! The animation was superb (on a side note, I absolutely loved the Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse short film that previewed right beforehand, with Mickey and Minnie popping on and off the movie screen) and amazing. Seeing two princesses who were strong, not merely waiting for someone to rescue them, was refreshing. The music was delightful. Loved the adventure....more

Frozen 2-D on Saturday, December 7, 2013 is the Sensory Friendly Film at AMC

What are you doing on Saturday, December 7, 2013? If you have a special needs child you may have heard of the great program from AMC Theaters and The Autism Society. If you haven't heard about it read more at my Los Angeles Special Needs Kids Examiner article. Watch the preview of this month's movie while you're there!...more