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Should I Increase Income or Become Frugal?

Do you consider yourself wealthy or at least making enough to support your family? If you don't, what should you do? Should you increase income or become more frugal? One of the most important part of this blog is to answer your questions. Carmen from Canada sent me the following one:...more

It Was A Shocking



Couples Who Save Together - Stays Together {400+ Ideas!)Over 400 ways to have frugal fun with your significant other!...more
I'm not familiar with that app but I may have to check it out!more

Habits to an Easier Life

I don't like to give out much advice, for fear I am unable to live up to the expectations of the said advise... But there are a few changes that have changed my life and are ones I have {and probably will} struggle with for like EVER. It's like my pastor says when he's preaching, he is mostly talking to himself and its easier to have a message when it's something that pertains to something you yourself have lived/struggled... ...more

April Real Food Meal Plan

Am I the only one being driven insane by the kidlets trapped in the house? It's freezing out, my car is coated in ice, and all I want are April showers. Somebody down south, please send this New England girl some spring....more

10 Frugal Tips For New Moms To Actually Save You Money

You’ve heard the stories. How raising a child from birth to 18 years of age will cost the average family $245,000. The expensive gear you absolutely need to keep your baby safe and comfortable. The childcare, the formula, and the zillions of diapers. ...more
Forego the changing table and put a changing pad on a dresser. The dresser can be used much ...more