Hot Cocoalate Mix Recipe from The More With Less Mom

Hot cocoa is based on powdered cocoa, hot chocolate is based on shavings or morsels of chocolate. So I dubbed this cocoalate. This recipe is a compromise, with a delectable taste and a combination of pricey and cheap chocolates....more

Q&A: What is this Cookbook Project and How Does it Work?

Whether you're a long-time friend or an infrequent visitor to Frankly, My Dear... you're probably aware that I'm trying to raise funds to publish THE UNEMPLOYMENT COOKBOOK, SECOND EDITION....more

Fun & Frugal Bean and Pasta Soup

So I have definitely been on a new recipe kick lately. I am trying to eat healthier and lose weight and to be honest...I've never tried to lose weight AND clip coupons at the same time. Losing weight for me has always resulted in higher grocery bills. Not because healthy food is more expensive, it's really not. Mainly because to keep things interesting and to stay on track, I have to have a wider, more interesting selection of food available to me. This generally results in higher grocery bills, which in the past I just chalked up to getting healthier....more