A New Year's Resolution you'll love: Join the 2016 January Money Diet

Dear BlogHer friends,In less than three weeks 2015 will draw to a close, and a bright, shiny new year will be upon us.Would you like 2016 to be the year you stop worrying about money and start enjoying financial security?...more

10 Frugal Seed Starting Tips

I am a bit of a “Type-A Control Freak”.  I work very hard to have my garden be as organic as possible and have often been disappointed with the quality of plants I bring home from the local greenhouse. ...more

Back-to-School, bargain-style

My kids have been back at school for a full week, now, but most of the country is still enjoying summer break. This is for those of you just starting to think about preparation for the back-to-school routine. ...more

Great back-to-school gear doesn't have to be expensive, just unique. Get great cool supplies ...more

When Less is More: Why diet when you can live frugally

Dieting and frugality are a lot alike. After all, when we diet, we eat less and when we live frugally, we live with less. With both, we abstain, we hold back, we do without, we make do. So they are alike, two peas, yes, in that pod called life. Right? Wrong? ...more

Well, firstly, I love that you relate saving/frugality and dieting. I am constantly drawing ...more