Coffee Break

My post is late today, as I had to go to hospital for a scan and when I got home I found that my daughter had disappeared (when I say disappeared I mean that we couldn't actually see her at that time. She had told babysitter Grandma that she was going to a friend's house but wasn't answering her phone, which is unusual). After approximately 10 minutes panic I found her safe and sound at her friend's house, dancing around the garden giggling with three other girls, who were daring one another to flash their bras at passing cars.So, that's alright then....more

Frugal Workouts

Ugh...the bad word...workout!  As much as we don't want to do it, we all know we need to.  You can accomplish the goal though without expensive equipment or a gym membership....more
@CristinFrank And I just added your book to my Amazon wishlist...looking forward to reading it!more