Mango Popsicles

All-American Key Lime Pie

Back in the day, I didn't like "sour" desserts. Lemon bars, lemon curd, key lime pie--I didn't consider those desserts. In my opinion, desserts are supposed to be sweet. But in the last few years, I've come around....more
I love Key Lime pie but if it is too sour, it is a no for me.  I have found the Red Lobster's ...more

Healthy Eating in the morning

I had fruit for breakfast this morning, which, sorry to say, I didn’t bring in from home....more

The Formidable Buddha Hand Citrus Fruit

It was one memorable experience at the supermarket that we had while shopping for groceries on the weekend before Chinese New Year. We saw something that resembled a freak experiment out of a horror movie.Read more from 'The Formidable Buddha Hand Citrus Fruit'....more

Healthy and Tasty Smoothies

  My favorite smoothies are made with fruit and Kale.This one is my " Peachy Kale" .Handful of fresh and Organic Kale1 whole peach (if you have fresh, if not can cling peaches work great).1/2 c of Greek Organic plain yogurt.1 Tbs of Organic Honey1 Tbs Agave Nector1/2 c Organic Coconut MilkBlend all together and enjoy!XO  ...more

Deceiving Fruits

For the longest time, I thought that fruits were labeled as “healthy” therefore I could eat as much as I wanted & it wouldn’t affect me at all. Well unfortunately, that is not the case. Don’t get me wrong…fruits are packed with nutrients that our bodies need, but just like anything else, fruits are good in moderation. Below I list for you some deceiving fruits that were shocking to me. Fruits are best to eat after you work out. Your body will quickly burn up & use the natural sugars to recover. ...more

The benefits of a juicing cleanse

The multiple benefits of a Juice Cleanse...more

If I were an apple

If I were an apple I would want to be a granny smith apple.The reason is because that was my husband's favorite kind of apple and he liked to put salt on them. He passed away in 2007  from a heart attack....more

Jojo Moyes' Me Before You & Plum Crostata

Love stories fall into two camps. There are those that are epic, tragic and beloved. And there are those that are overwrought, exaggerated and ridiculed. JoJo Moyes’ Me Before You introduces a third category, one in which the romantic relationship takes a back seat to larger issues at play in a way that simultaneously respects and amplifies the characters’ love beautifully....more
@Karen Ballum Thank you so much, Karen! I feature book reviews and recipes every week. Hope you ...more