Little Pockets Of Surprises With Fruity-Stuffed Chicken Breast Fillet

This is a totally new dish in the sense that I’ve never cooked nor eaten it before. Strangely, it’s a dish that isn’t very popular in Singapore, at least as far as I know of....more

The Pawpaw: Try It, You Might Like It

I have always loved to try new foods.  As a nutritionist, I have learned that this is a rare attribute.I don’t get it.  Whenever I walk through the produce section of a grocery store, I am fascinated by strange looking foods. I regularly get sidetracked by fruits and vegetables that I don’t recognize, and I end up spending ridiculous amounts of money to try strange new things.$6 for a pomelo?...more

Homemade Fruit Leather

The first time I heard the words "fruit leather," the images that appeared in my mind weren't all that appetizing. When I found out that fruit leather is essentially the non-trademarked term for Fruit Roll-Ups, the bad images were replaced with good images, and I was happy because I love dried, sweet fruit that is rolled onto plastic. Especially when it's strawberry or raspberry-flavored. ...more
IMO, home-made fruit leather can be a way-better snack alternative than candy (or most ...more

Instant Grape Pickle

Tangy pickled grapes -an instant recipePickles are an important condiment of Asian food. In India we love to make different varieties of pickles, most of them are oil based.Now good quality of ready made pickles are easily available but still many prefer to make their own pickles. Pickling is an art ,you need experience and passion to make it as it require time and accuracy of proportion of ingredients to make perfect pickles other wise you can ruin the whole thing....more

Mango salsa

Mango Salsa Mango and bell pepper salsa...more

Mango Popsicles

All-American Key Lime Pie

Back in the day, I didn't like "sour" desserts. Lemon bars, lemon curd, key lime pie--I didn't consider those desserts. In my opinion, desserts are supposed to be sweet. But in the last few years, I've come around....more
I love Key Lime pie but if it is too sour, it is a no for me.  I have found the Red Lobster's ...more

Healthy Eating in the morning

I had fruit for breakfast this morning, which, sorry to say, I didn’t bring in from home....more

The Formidable Buddha Hand Citrus Fruit

It was one memorable experience at the supermarket that we had while shopping for groceries on the weekend before Chinese New Year. We saw something that resembled a freak experiment out of a horror movie.Read more from 'The Formidable Buddha Hand Citrus Fruit'....more

Healthy and Tasty Smoothies

  My favorite smoothies are made with fruit and Kale.This one is my " Peachy Kale" .Handful of fresh and Organic Kale1 whole peach (if you have fresh, if not can cling peaches work great).1/2 c of Greek Organic plain yogurt.1 Tbs of Organic Honey1 Tbs Agave Nector1/2 c Organic Coconut MilkBlend all together and enjoy!XO  ...more