Deceiving Fruits

For the longest time, I thought that fruits were labeled as “healthy” therefore I could eat as much as I wanted & it wouldn’t affect me at all. Well unfortunately, that is not the case. Don’t get me wrong…fruits are packed with nutrients that our bodies need, but just like anything else, fruits are good in moderation. Below I list for you some deceiving fruits that were shocking to me. Fruits are best to eat after you work out. Your body will quickly burn up & use the natural sugars to recover. ...more

The benefits of a juicing cleanse

The multiple benefits of a Juice Cleanse...more

If I were an apple

If I were an apple I would want to be a granny smith apple.The reason is because that was my husband's favorite kind of apple and he liked to put salt on them. He passed away in 2007  from a heart attack....more

Jojo Moyes' Me Before You & Plum Crostata

Love stories fall into two camps. There are those that are epic, tragic and beloved. And there are those that are overwrought, exaggerated and ridiculed. JoJo Moyes’ Me Before You introduces a third category, one in which the romantic relationship takes a back seat to larger issues at play in a way that simultaneously respects and amplifies the characters’ love beautifully....more
@Karen Ballum Thank you so much, Karen! I feature book reviews and recipes every week. Hope you ...more

Mom's Marshmallow Fruit Salad

This week's recipe for Mom's Marshmallow Fruit Salad is a family favorite. See it at the following link: To see all of my recipes, please stop by and visit my kitchen at Hope to see you there! Kandy from Kandy's Kitchen Kreations...more

Fresh Fruit Bowls with Vanilla Yogurt Dressing

This week's recipe for Fresh Fruit Bowls with VanillaYogurt Dressing would be perfect for breakfast, brunch or dessert! See the recipe at Please stop by and visit my kitchen at to see all of my other recipes. Hope to see you there!...more

Kick Off Your Day With a Power Sunrise Smoothie

I'm back on a healthy kick! Since I was able to maintain my normal exercise regimen of running for the first 7 months of my pregnancy, I allowed myself to indulge in carbs and/or sweets whenever the mood hit. Well, in moderation, of course. Recently I've had to cut back on my routine and switch over to walking, swimming and prenatal pilates instead, so I decided to cut back on the carbs a little and revamp my diet. I want to keep as much baby weight off as possible! ...more
Did you is suggested that you drink smoothies on an empty stomach and that you chew ...more

Bananas: A Girl’s Worst Enemy

I want to talk to you about bananas. Because I hate them....more

Plated + Served: Black and Red Raspberry Tart

Black raspberries are truly the summer's precious gems. ...more

Strawberry Tart